Best Serpentine Belt Review Buying Guide & FAQ

Best Serpentine Belts

Do you have a car and want to drive your peripheral devices smoothly and efficiently? Not to worry, you can do it by using these versatile serpentine belts. Serpentine belts sometimes are known as ploy-v, multi-vee, and/or multi-rib belts. There is a wide range of serpentine brands available for vehicles including cars, trucks, and so on. It is a continuous belt that is used to drive multiple peripheral devices, for instance, alternator, power steering pump, air conditioning compressor, air pump, and so on. Also helps you to run your water pump smoothly and effectively. It transfers energy from the engine’s crankshaft to the mentioned peripheral devices. I’ll explain here about different brands of the best serpentine belt with benefits and drawbacks.

How to choose the best serpentine belts?

If you want to buy a product, you should have the basic concept of that. You can choose the best product depending on some criteria. Some important factors surely that will help you to choose the best serpentine belts are outlined below.

Ensure the appropriate length

The first and foremost thing you should check that the length of the belt is fitted with your automotive engine or not. Because it is very important for a successful installation.

Evaluate the information about materials and certification

You should know which material is used to manufacture your desired serpentine belt. You also have to know that whether your belt meets the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)specification or not.

The flexibility of your belt

The serpentine belts are made of rubber so it is very flexible. Before buying, you have to ensure that your belt is flexible enough.

Check the resistivity

The belt revolves in high tension so it may gradually get corrosion. So the belt should be capable of facing high tension.


The lifetime of a belt should be at least 60,000 miles. But, it will be over 100,000 miles, if you use an advanced serpentine belt. So please, check the range before buying the serpentine belt.

Compatibility of your belt

You have to ensure that your belt has enough compatibility before buying. You have to buy a belt that is compatible with your automotive device.


Q: How does your serpentine belt work?

A: The serpentine belt of a car enables more functionality to your car.  It powers your car’s air conditioning system, steering wheel, and water pump.  These are essential parts of your car engine that keeps it running smoothly and safely. proper maintenance must be observed to avoid serpentine belt break and serpentine belt problems.

Q: What is the cause of a damaged serpentine belt?

A: Serpentine belts have their own life span.  it can damage when they reach their time limit of use.  Other substances will also cause it to break out.  But, in most cases, the cause will be wear and tear.

To avoid more extensive damage to your car or to avoid a more costly accident when you drive, make sure that your car is roadworthy.  Check the serpentine belt if necessary and never compromise the safety of your family and yourself.

Q: How many belts are in a car?

A: Generally, most cars have one or two belts. In this case, if a car has only one drive belt, you can also consider it as a serpentine belt

Q: How long does a serpentine belt last?

A: In most cases, the lifespan of a snake line depends on its material. In general, older style belts last up to 50,000 miles, and belts made from EPDM are likely to last up to 100,000 miles. In particular, belts made from high-quality materials can last longer.

Q: How to change the serpentine belt?

A: Change the snake belt in your car without any hassle. To do this, simply remove the old belt by rotating the tension-er and install the new snake belt.

Five Best Serpentine Belts - Reviews

ImageProduct NameOur RatingCurrent Price
ACDelco 6k930 Professional V-Ribbed Best Serpentine BeltsACDelco 6K930 V-Ribbed Serpentine Belt5.0 Check Here
Continental Elite 4060882 Poly- V /Serpentine BeltContinental Elite 4060855 Poly-V/Serpentine Belt4.9 Check Here
Gates K081264HD Serpentine Belt/Fan BeltGates K081264HD Serpentine Belt4.8 Check Here
Continental Elite 4060855 Poly-V /Serpentine BeltContinental Elite Poly-V/Serpentine Belt4.7 Check Here
Gates K060841 Serpentine Belt/Fan BeltGates K060841 Serpentine Belt4.6 Check Here

1. ACDelco 6k930 V-Ribbed Serpentine Belts

best serpentine belts

Product Description:

ACDelco is one of the best serpentine belts that you can use for your car because it is capable of fitting into different models of car. It is made of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM). So you do not need to replace your belt frequently. It offers smooth operation during your travel due to its precise dimension. This belt is recommended for professional technicians. Now I am going to provide more information on it.

Technical Specifications:

Manufacturer: ACDelco

The weight of Product: 7.2 oz

Dimensions of Product: 46.6 x 0.9 x 0.5 “

Model Number: 6K930

OEM Part Number: 88932786

The Pluses:

  • It is made of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber.
  • The belt is suitable for professional technicians.
  • This versatile belt is capable of facing any rough condition of the engine.
  • The decent belt is fitted for any type of car.
  • It is very flexible.
  • It is very long-lasting.
  • You can get it at very affordable prices.
  • The belt has a very easy process of installation in your automotive engine.

The Minuses:

  • Perhaps, it may be a little tight owing to its flexibility and it takes time to be fitted.

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2. Continental Elite Poly- V /Serpentine Belt

best serpentine belt 

Product Description:

Continental Elite 40460882 Poly-V is designed uniquely with the best quality and efficiency. It has strength and longevity. It is made of advanced materials so it offers cooler performance and better flexibility. Now I am going to describe it more in detail here.

Technical Specifications:

Manufacturer: Continental Elite

The weight of Product: 4 oz

Dimensions of Product: 16 x 6 x 1 “

Model Number: 4060882

The Pluses:

  • The belt is manufactured by a team of specialist engineers.
  • It offers flexibility and heat resistance.
  • It produces less noise during operation.
  • The belt can resist the tensions of high strength.
  • The belt uses Quiet Channel Technology to reduce the noise.
  • It is designed for a gear wheel.
  • The belt has maximum efficiency.
  • It ensures the best quality.

The Minuses:

  • The length of this belt is not suitable for all types of cars. So you have to be careful that it fits with your system before buying it.

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3. Gates Serpentine Belt/Fan Belt


Product description:

Gates is one of the most popular brands for manufacturing the serpentine belt in the world. Especially, Gates K081264HD is one of the best quality serpentine belts. By using this belt, you will get a pleasant experience at the time of driving. You can get it at a very affordable price. The detailed information for this decent belt is outlined below.

Technical Specification:

Manufacturer: Gates

The weight of Product: 12 oz

Dimensions of Product: 15.9 x 5 x 1.2 “

Model Number: K081264HD

The Pluses:

  • This versatile belt is designed for superior applications.
  • This decent serpentine belt is made of advanced materials so the longevity of this belt is far better than that of others.
  • This belt is capable of resisting high temperatures.
  • The belt has a very easy process of installation in your automotive engine.
  • It is made of  Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) rubber.
  • The design of this belt is well-structured.

The Minuses:

  • The belt is only suitable for some specific types of cars owing to its length. So make sure that it fits your engine before buying it.

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4. Continental Elite Poly-V /Serpentine Belt

Product description:
Continental Elite has been producing the best quality products for years. Continental Elite 4060855 Poly-V model is one of the best serpentine belts which offers a lot of features. It is engineered with very high precision. Now I am going to mention all of its features including its drawbacks.

Technical Specification:

Manufacturer: Continental Elite

The weight of Product: 6.1 oz

Dimensions of Product: 16 x 6 x 1 “

Model Number: 4060855

Manufacturer Part Number: 4060855

The Pluses:

  • The belt uses Quiet Channel Technology so it is capable of reducing the noise.
  • It is made of advanced EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber.
  • The belt meets the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) specifications.
  • The belt offers maximum efficiency.
  • It is designed for cooler performance.
  • This belt is made of advanced materials so it has longevity.
  • The belt has a very easy process of installation in your automotive engine.
  • It is flexible enough because of Quiet Channel Technology.

The Minuses:

  • It is a little bit tough to install in your automotive engine.

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5. Gates Best Serpentine Belts /Fan Belt

highest quality
Product description:
Are you finding the best quality serpentine belt that has lots of features? Gates K060841 is one of those. You can enjoy a pleasant journey with this belt. No noise will occur, after a successful installation. The belt is designed for light-duty cars. So far it is the best serpentine belt an affordable price. Now, I would like to provide more information on it.

Technical Specification:

Manufacturer: Gates

The weight of Product: 12 oz

Dimensions of Product: 15.9 x 5 x 1.2 “

Model Number: K060841

Manufacturer Part Number: K060841

The Pluses:

  • This belt is flexible enough because of having V-shaped ribs on both sides.
  • Capable of resisting high tensions.
  • The belt has beaten the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standardization. So surely you can rely on this decent product.
  • It is noise resistant.
  • It is a very long-lasting product.
  • There is an easy process for installing this versatile belt.
  • By using automatic tensioners, it is suitable.

The Minuses:

  • As it is designed only for small cars, you should ensure that it is fitted with your system.

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6. Bando 6PK1305 OEM Quality Serpentine Belt

Bando 6PK1305 OEM Quality Serpentine Belt

Bando can produce rubber products and it is an OEM supplier. Typically, OEM belt manufacturers ground these belts twice for adherence to the OEM specification. Basically, belts produced in the molding process cannot achieve the necessary and accurate rib profiles with the help of OEM suppliers. Bando belts are made of EPDM rubber so adhere to the OM specification. These belts are heat resistant and capable of preparing USA Kentucky Bowling Green Belt so provide protection to your vehicle’s engine in the long run.

For example, all Bando belts are only produced in premium sets with OM standards. In addition, the belts are self-driving so they are able to provide coverage for almost everything you need. You can safely use this belt as it always ensures high performance. These belts eliminate the gamut condition of the engine of your heavy vehicle and their high-quality applications help in the engineering work of your vehicle.

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7. Dayco 5060955 Poly Rib Serpentine Belt

Dayco 5060955 Poly Rib

This belt is made so that you can drive high mileage multiple-accessory. This Dayco W profile belt has been advancing with the most innovative advances in multi-rib belt design for over 25 years. In general, it is suitable for large laboratory and true road mileage testing. In addition, this profile of unique calendars specifically provides long-lasting performance and ensures high mileage. Since the belt is made consistently, the “W” profile cut at the tip of each rib makes the tip more flexible.

The belt is capable of removing the belt chip by inserting it worn out or misplaced. Basically, it is made of an Ari-made Reinforced EPDM compound so the Dayco W profile belt provides more OE than the quality you need. In particular, this belt is able to provide a solution to your problematic drive. Currently, Dayco is one of the best quality belts available in the market. In fact, it is especially suitable for passenger cars and light trucks. Also, the belts of this brand are made for very thin rip spirals and high mileage of wide lines.

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Final Verdict

The serpentine belts offer many advantages over the disadvantages that I mentioned previously. It is simpler, stronger, and more efficient than others. It is very easy to maintain. The belt will alarm frequently before getting troubled. Choosing the best serpentine belt for your automotive devices is very important to get smoother experiences. It is a very sophisticated tool and it has been replaced with many old tools that people used to use before. The specialist has done a lot of research experiments to make it sophisticated. It’s a result of long-term research.

There are lots of manufacturers that have been producing serpentine belts around the world. So it’s quite tough to pick the best one. But, don’t worry, I have provided the complete guideline of how to choose the best serpentine belt for your automotive engine. Off-course, you have to buy the belt depending on the mentioned criteria. Hope this article will help you to get the best one.

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