How to Replace Ignition Coil – A Simple Guide

How to Replace Ignition Coil

How to Replace Ignition Coil

The ignition coil or fuel combustion system means that we basically understand the method of combustion of petrol engine fuel. High voltage is needed to ignite air, gas, gasoline and ignite that fuel mixture through high voltage. If the ignition coil is not working properly then there are various problems with the vehicle. The simplest way to detect an invalid ignition coil is by flashing or illuminating check engine lights (CEL), miss fires, corrosive sensors, rough drainage, reduced fuel and increased emissions. Not only this, the use of ineffective ignition coils can cause the cylinder to overheat. The ignition coil problem should be resolved as soon as possible if the above-mentioned signs are observed. If needed, remove the old one and replace the new one. So, We talk about in the article how to replace ignition coil.

How to Replace Ignition Coil – Necessary & Safety Guide

Necessary Equipment Storage

Materials and equipment required for repairing various parts of the car engine or for ignition coil replacement must be kept in accordance with the vehicle brand, model.


However, if there is a problem while replacing the coil, then the service manual should be followed carefully. Detailed information is provided in the service manual with the full process. It is also very clear what equipment to use during any work. Following the service manual will complete the entire task.


Ignition Coil Replacing Safety

Before changing the ignition coil, make sure the engine is in cold condition. After applying emergency brakes, the car hood should be carefully opened. The negative battery cable must be disconnected before any other work of the engine. The instructions for repairing the car should be followed properly before disconnecting the cable. The ignition coil should be replaced by experienced people about the car engine. This is a risky task, so every task related to the engine must be done with extreme caution. It is dangerous to do this without experienced people.


The Ignition Coils Must Be Removed

Replacement of the ignition coil in some car engines can be difficult. Some of the obstacles you may encounter are significant:


* There may be some problems accessing the ignition coil. Also, the sticking material has a lot of velocity to replace the coil with the ignition coil and the way the insulator boots attach to the spark plug. The coils need to be disconnected individually while removing the coil.


* The ignition coil may have little difficulty removing, before removing the top plenum/intake manifold of the coil. In this case, a new plenum gasket should be replaced by removing the old one. It has to be used according to the specific brand and model of the vehicle.


After the ignition coil is easily fitted, carefully disconnect the electric plastic pigtail connector to avoid damage.

In some cases the plastic connector may be broken due to a decline in the age of the vehicle and the fitness of the vehicle. Then it can be difficult to replace the connection so alternative arrangements need to be prepared and used with care.


After that, the coil must be unlocked with caution and hold the bolt, this time removing the coil. Spring Motion usually plays an important role in creating the insulator boot slide from the spark plug. If the Spring Motion goes away, a light shake may be needed to remove the part that is stuck in the spark plug. Spark plugs are made of ceramic so be careful not to damage them as it can also cause confusion.


After removing the coil, you should check the boot and the inner part of the spark plug to check if there is any danger of contamination with oil or antifreeze.


If multiple coils need to be replaced, it is best to replace them all at once without having to open the engine repeatedly. Also, if two or more coils are to be removed simultaneously, each coil pigtail connector must be identified separately with a number of sticks or taken before the picture so that it does not go wrong.


Each Ignition Coil Test

If the car’s CEL is blinking and burning, it is likely that a forgotten code is stored on the PCM (the brain of the car’s computer). You need to use a code reader to read the code. In most cases, the code detects delicate cylinders with incorrect fires. The ignition coil can be miss-fired for various reasons. Possible signs of a miss-fire are parts of the ignition system, such as a spark plug, or components of the fuel system, fuel injector, vacuum leakage, or faulty fire in the internal mechanical engine.


After replacing the ignition coil, if there is any doubt in the mind whether to replace it properly, each coil should be checked using a multi-meter and the coil needs to be confirmed through preliminary and secondary winding tests. There are also several alternative methods for testing it.


If in any way it is not possible to test or not sure how to do it then we can read this article or go to local can be dropped by any Auto-zone. If such a useful article is found outside the normal range, it will help to replace the coil. Once the coil is confirmed to have a failure, it will need to be replaced again.


Grease Used in the Coil

You have to verify that the correct coil has been selected according to the vehicle brand and model. The length, terminal and pigtail connections should be equally sized with the pin.

Then, replace the ignition coil insulator boot or dielectric grease on the inside of the shield. This will help to ensure the moisture of the ignition coil in the future and will act as a good seal against the removal of support. The coil should be carefully installed by pressing on the spark plug. Next, hold the coil and reinstall the bolt then carefully reattach the electrical pigtail. Now a very small amount of dielectric grease can be used, it can be used in coils, pigtails and connectors.


Checked Everything

The remaining components need to be reinstalled. The negative battery cable has to be connected, the car engine must start, and to test if the car is fully ready to operate, you should try to drive the car experimentally.

If the car’s ignition coil has faulty symptoms, you must first try to repair it yourself. If there is frequent failure to repair the fault then take it to the nearest car repair workshop.

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