Hey everyone! I’m McZuberi and I’ve been an auto mechanic for over a decade now. Throughout the years I’ve been lifting the hood and rolling under, I’ve encountered just about every vehicle trouble out there. That’s why I’ve decided to put up my own website. I’ve made it my personal mission to help you out with your vehicle problems and hopefully, keep your auto in awesome shape.

About TOOLS inspect

Hence, here we aim at helping you get the best service from it and keep in good working condition for a long time. Our pieces are written by a highly experienced mechanic that loves autos and is always looking forward to sharing his vast experience in auto care and maintenance.

Here we try to cover everything to do with vehicles to ensure we have a solution for you no matter what the issue might be or what you might be looking for. Whether you are shopping for new tools for DIY auto care or want recommendations on the best oil or even the best products to take care of the vehicle’s interior or exterior, there is something for you at TOOLS inspect.

Besides the expertise and experience of our writer on the field, all our guides and reviews are backed by enough research, and we will only feature and recommend products that we are confident with their quality and suitability for your vehicle.

How we help you?

TOOLS inspect has been created for everyone looking for simple but effective ways of caring and maintaining their vehicle.

Here is what to expect from us:

  • We will provide tips, tricks and comprehensive guides on how to take care of your vehicle from simple things such as caring for the interior to giving your jeep a lift for those that drive one.
  • With our in-depth reviews and buying guide, you will also have an easier time choosing the best products to use on your vehicles from wheels and tires to dashboard cleaners and even other auto TOOLS.
  • Because we also understand that no matter how skilled you are as a DIY mechanic, you still cannot work on your vehicle without proper tools, we also provide the information you need to choose the best tools.
  • Also, TOOLS inspect will have you covered when it comes to choosing other things that make your vehicle more comfortable and convenient such as auto cup holders and air conditioners for those that have RVs. And we do this by reviewing and comparing some of the top models in the market, and with in-depth buying guides.


How to Review

We know how valuable your auto is to you whether it is financial or sentimental, and so at TOOLS inspect, we aim to ensure you find the best products to keep it in good shape by providing honest and highly detailed reviews that are backed by in-depth research.

Before any product lands on our site, it will have undergone many hours of research. And if you combine this with the expertise and experience of our writer, you can be sure that our reviews will only recommend the most useful and best quality products out there.

How We Choose Our Products

First, we have a highly experienced mechanic and someone who loves everything to do with cars as our writer, and this alone is enough to ensure we will only review the best products.

However, we do not stop there as we also rely on customer feedback from top retail sites to determine which products will work best for you. And by making references to authority sites, we can provide even more useful and detailed reviews.

Do We Receive Any Free Products In Exchange for Reviews?

While it is common for many merchants to provide free products in exchange for reviews, at TOOLS inspect we do not advocate for this as it often results in biased reviews. In-fact, we do independent research with no strings attached to ensure our reviews are genuine and accurate.

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