Best ATV Speakers Review & Buying Guide

Best ATV Speakers

If you want to enjoy your road trip with thrill music can be the best companion. Good music can give you a thrill that increases road activity. The full trip may enjoyable when playing favorite songs and make it great sense. Excellent speakers like ATV speakers can change your full road trip with music experience. ATV speakers provide the best quality sound speaker with good durability. However, we’ve asked lots of questions about the best ATV speakers and we are trying to cover these complete topics here. We are reviewing here some of the quality ATV speakers with all factors and features.

Things to Consider when Choose ATV Speaker


Sound quality is the most essential factor when your mind to purchase a speaker. ATV speakers have usually used outdoor even a vehicle so you need a clear and surround sound. Clear and loud sounds can produce complete satisfaction for ATV speakers. For instance, Higher speaker frequency produces a loud sound so frequency is another thing you should check before purchase. Louder sound is the most essential when you think it will use in an all-terrain vehicle. However, some ATV engine sound is frequent so you need a louder sound speaker then your ATV speaker.

Power Consumption:

Power consumption is the most painful part of the ATV speaker user. The lifespan of an ATV speaker depends on consuming power capability. We always preferred low power consume ATV speaker. In addition, you can purchase a speaker that uses 100W-400W power. Just check what the speaker uses low power and product high frequency. The least amount of power uses can be lasting longer for your ATV speaker. Especially when you think about off-road music you just need a low power to consume an ATV speaker. So choose an ATV speaker that consumes low power and produces the best sound.


Everyone knows, ATV speaker uses under the open sky. We can tell this situation to wear and tear. In this case, the durability of the ATV speaker is essential. This speaker always uses in harsh conditions of nature. You use it in wet weather sometimes very hot weather also you will go off-road with dirt and mud. Sturdy materials made by ATV speakers are a must because only sturdy materials can protect it from any weather condition. You should check the ‘marinized’ materials mention model speaker and it means it is completely waterproof.

Above all, “Marinized” mention materials also ensure this product waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and UV-Coated materials. Most of the expert advice you should check Kevler and Titanium mention speaker. Titanium and Kevler mention speaker can affect the speaker’s sensitivity. So you need to check marinized, kevler, and titanium mention speaker for getting the best speaker in the market.


It is annoying when you purchased a new ATV speaker but they attached a long user manual for installation. When your manufacturer just gives a package where all parts are individual and you need to install every part. We recommend always a user-friendly ATV speaker that’s critical part attached just need to simple installation before the start. However, choose a user-friendly speaker that is properly attached to your vehicle and easy to install. Choose a compact model ATV speaker that is very easy to transport and store. This speaker is used to the vehicle so it is important to operate easily in any vehicle.

Top 8 Best ATV Speakers Review

1. GoHawk RE9-X Bluetooth Motorcycle Stereo Speakers

GoHawk RE9-X is a mounting clamp supported that comes with a stub design. It is very easy to install for the 360-degree swivel facility. Handlebar center clearance is important so check the measurement before purchase. You can turn it on and off with a single click on these stereo speakers. This stereo speaker is compatible with ATV, UTV, 4 Wheelers, and most motorcycles.

GoHawk RE9-X stereo speaker’s main unit is Aluminum and dual waterproof. It is a high-performance stereo speaker and the built quality is very high. You can stream radio channels and music with up to 15 meters wide Bluetooth wireless connection. However, it has also all android and IOS compatible with a 12V standard power connection.

  • Advance dual waterproof design.
  • High quality built main stereo unit.
  • All cross-device supported.
  • Easy custom installation process.
  • Compatible for any applications with 12V.

  • FM signal may have lost sometimes.

2. GoHawk TJ4-R Amplifier 4″ Bluetooth Motorcycle Stereo Speakers

GoHawk TJ4-R Amplifier is the upgraded amplifier with 2 performance channels. It has a full-range motorcycle speaker that is fit for a 1 to 1.5-inch universal handlebar. You will get great 15 meters to range Bluetooth wireless connection and an innovative hidden antenna.

The amplifier is designed by a 4-inch glossy black speaker that has a full range speaker core. ABS material and high-performance base take the amplifier to another level. It is perfect for ATV UTV motorcycle even RZR 4 wheeler without the hassle and full function wired control system.

Despite it is the best speaker for super crystal sound quality. The easy installation process and outdoor use mode are very efficient in this speaker. After that, it comes with ready FM radio, 3.5 mm audio jack, 12V power standard battery connection, and all necessary components.

  • Perfect for 1 to 1.5-inch handlebar.
  • 4-inch full-range two motorcycle speaker.
  • Wired control that full function.
  • High-performance quality ABS material built.
  • Audio jack 3.5mm AUX-in available.

  • The remote is lowers than the touching point.

3. Pyle Marine ATV Powered Speakers

Pyle Marine ATV speaker is another great quality speaker in the Pyle family. It is a 6.5-inch poly cone injection speaker. 1.0-inch titanium dome diaphragms tweeters of this speaker make it unique. The tube design of this speaker can provide a maximum sound limb that is perfect for UTV ATV 4×4 and golf carts.

If you want a powerful speaker that can project maximum output, you can choose it. The 800-watt output is massive that is built by 2 channel digital amplifier. You will get unlimited wireless music streaming with 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity that can support all types of devices. Bluetooth connectivity has 30 ft plus great range supporting.

Therefore, this speaker comes with a marine waterproof grade rating of 44 and a 2-way audio system. It has multi-color light LED flashing lights that are 19 different colors. This heavy-duty constructed speaker frequency response is 45-25khz that is great.

  • 5-inch cone speakers with poly injection.
  • Tube design so it can produce maximum sound.
  • A powerful speaker that is 800-watt power.
  • Wireless music connectivity that is 4.0 Bluetooth connect.
  • 44 marine waterproof grade quality.

  • It may flaw but the sound is great.

4. BOSS ATV UTV Weatherproof Sound System

Boss products are always great and it is another great audio system. It comes with a multi-color illumination option that you can change with your mood. You can control and play Pandora and Spotify apps easily with its Bluetooth audio streaming system.

It is all types of smartphones adjustable. You can use an auxiliary input system for plug in. 3.5 mm compatible aux-in can provide the highest output. It has a high-performance A/B amplifier that is built-in and run by the speakers and twitters.

The construction of this speaker is weatherproof for adjusting outfits in variant weather. The latest weatherproof technique can work against any type of element. It has a plug and plays type easy setup. However, You can have powered it up with a cigarette lighter power cord. Also, you will get mounting straps, RGB lights, and all essential accessories.

  • Multi-color illumination with mood.
  • Bluetooth remote control with Spotify and Pandora.
  • Weatherproof technique protection.
  • Single seconds easy setup system.
  • Wireless remote control system.

  • It may need battery backup.

5. Soundstorm Amplified Marine Powersports Tube Speaker

Soundstorm BTB8L has a powerful amplifier that can project maximum sound. Multi-color illumination can fresh your mind with its multi lighting. Bluetooth audio streaming system can control all types of music apps like Pandora and Spotify without hassle. The speakers and tweeters are powered by a class D amplifier that can provide high performance.

IPX5 ratings can prove it has used weatherproof technology. When using the latest weatherproof technique in speakers it can work against all types of harmful elements. Also, you will get auxiliary input with a 3.5 mm aux-in that is compatible with any smartphone.

After that, It has an easy installation process even just hooked up an extension adapter and plug it in. It will come with mounting straps, Nylon made zip straps, and power accessories.

  • Multi-color illumination for the great night looking.
  • Wirelessly control Pandora and Spotify.
  • High-performance class D amplifier adjusted.
  • Single power installation within a single second.
  • Mounting straps and Nylon zip attached.

  • Some vehicle hookup issue.

6. BOSS Audio Systems BRT26A ATV/UTV Speakers

Boss is the leading company in the sound system world. The Boss Audio Systems BRT26A is a powerful soundbar with many more facilities. This soundbar will provide you ultimate built-in Bluetooth streaming option. You can make a music library easily from Spotify or Pandora. Auxiliary 3.5 mm jack can provide a compatible connection with all types of devices like smartphones and mp3 players.

It has 4 inches of four speakers and 1-inch horn-loaded tweeters. Speakers and tweeters powered by A/B class amplifier with built-in 500-watt. As another speaker, it is weatherproof and also has an IPX5 rating. However, Weatherproof technology can work against any type of element. The easy setup process makes this speaker more convenient. It also comes with adjustable mounting clamps, mounting hardware, a power accessory adapter, and all essential accessories.

  • MP3, Spotify, and Pandora supported wirelessly.
  • 5 mm aux-in attached for the multi-device.
  • Four speakers that is powerful 500-watt adjusted.
  • Weatherproof techniques utilized.
  • Compatible charging is available.

  • Price is a little high than quality.

7. Pyle 8″- Outdoor Bluetooth ATV, UTV Speaker

Pyle all products look similar but all are different by performance. The Pyle PLATV85BT is perfect for you if you love to listen to music and enjoy it on a ride. If you are looking for the perfect Bluetooth portable speaker, you can choose it without hesitation. This speaker is made from heavy duty construction. It is made for adventure quality preferred. When you think about outdoor speakers then you think about weatherproof and water-resistant and it has both perfectly.

Very easy to install procedure made it unique. Just plug and play function can create stereo full-range sound reproduction. It is perfect for UTV, ATV, 4×4, Snowmobile, and golf carts. Color changing lights is another thing that you can change by your moods.

  • Perfect for outdoor music streaming.
  • Heavy-duty rugged construction so it is durable.
  • Completely weatherproof and water-resistant.
  • Plug & Play installation with some single step.
  • Multi-color light adjusted.

  • This speaker power is not enough as expected.


GoHawk RE9-X Waterproof Stereo Speakers is our top pick within the full review. We researched lots of ATV speakers and a few of them have good features. We got some ATV speakers that have high-quality marine-grade materials. You should check sturdy materials before purchase for their durability. In conclusion, choose the speaker that is very easy to control when riding. We recommended the above 8 best ATV speakers for your convenience. So don’t waste your money and time just check and pick the perfect one.

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