Best Wheel Chocks for RV – Review & Guide

Best Wheel Chocks for RV

If you are a car or vehicle owner, you know about wheel chocks. Wheel chocks can help you to stick your vehicle from rolling away, especially when you need to part it uphill anywhere. Wheel chocks will help you to save your journey and enjoy it more. You should find the best wheel chocks for RV because prevent damage to your vehicle property.

Don’t think high price wheel chocks always the best choice. I got some low price awesome wheel chocks for my RV. You will use this property for security and safety issues; as a result, you need a quality piece of wheel chocks. This review will help you to find perfect wheel chocks for RV within your budget.

Best Wheel Chocks for RV Comparison

ImageProduct NameOur RatingCurrent Price
 X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer - Pair - One Handle - 28012X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer - Pair - One Handle - 280125.0Check Here
Camco RV Wheel StopCamco RV Wheel Stop- Stabilizes Your Trailer5.0Check Here
MaxxHaul 2 pack 70472 Solid Rubber Heavy Duty rv Black Wheel ChockMaxxHaul 2 pack 70472 Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Black Wheel Chock4.9Check Here
FloTool 11930MI Heavy Duty rv Wheel ChockHopkins 11930MI FloTool Heavy Duty Wheel Chock4.9Check Here
Camco 44414 rv Wheel Chock Without RopeCamco 44414 Wheel Chock Without Rope4.9Check Here

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Wheel Chocks for RV

Grip Strength

How strong the grip of wheel chocks you should check before buying. Strict gripped model products are safe to use, so this chock will help reduce your anxiety. Before buying such wheel chocks, you have to check the side of their ribs.

Also, check the suction of the rubber to see how much strength it has. Many people ignore the issue of the grip before buying a chock, but it is very important to note that it is perfect for longtime use. Strongly gripped chocks are durable. Perfect grip strength can prevent crushing of a wheel chocks.

After that, grip strength can prevent rolling in step hills or rolling ground. Basically, Grip strength measures how the wheel chocks perform for your RV. So it is important to check grip strength when you want to buy a wheel chocks.


One of the first things to consider before buying is the durability of the chock. Choose a chock that has less possibility of crushed. You need to make sure that you can use the chock effectively for several years. What ingredients have been used to make the chock should be examined? Focus on UV resistant wheel chocks before buying so that the performance is not lost if exposed to sunlight for a long time.

Having these chocks with them works incredibly essential for RVs to travel to warmer regions like Florida. Chocks made of steel may be preferred. These chocks are very effective in preventing the wheels of vehicles. Also, chocks made of dense rubber and high-quality plastic are very effective. It is important to make the chocks anti-rust. However, you should check how may durable of the wheel chocks.

Size of Wheel Chocks

No old chocks can be selected when buying a wheel chock for RV. There are different sizes of chocks available in the market; from these, you have to choose the right size best wheel chocks for RV for your vehicle. You can’t buy chocks that can’t handle the weight of your RV.

As an alternative, there are many types of chocks on the market, one of which is to buy the one that is able to resist the wheel of your RV. Owners of tandem wheeled RVs may also consider buying X-chocks. If you decide to buy this chock, you need to find a place in the RV tires. Usually, the space between the tandem wheels is at least 2 inches smaller and up to 12 inches larger.

The Feature

Before buying, you need to decide what kind of featured chocks you want to buy. Different models of chocks are available in the market; for example, some chocks are corded with handles to make the pulling process easier. There are also some models of chocks that you can choose by looking at the color.

There are many elite shoppers who like to buy different types of colorful chocks. The feature ensures that chocks can be installed easily without any hassle. After that, depending on what type of vehicle you buy the chocks for, the features will be. It is convenient for RV owners to use the featured chocks.

Ease of Use

Buy a wheel chock that can be easily installed. There are some chocks in the market that have to be installed in a very complicated way. These must be avoided when choosing a chock. You should regularly use the chock to ensure that your RV does not roll when installing the primary wheel chock.

X-chocks can be difficult to use, but once used, they can last a long time. Before choking, you must make sure that it is easy to use for everyone. In addition, You can read the reviews of the previous customers to know which types of chocks is easy to use

Top 5 Best Wheel Chocks for RV Review

1. X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer – Pair – One Handle – 28012

 X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer - Pair - One Handle - 28012

You are applying the opposing force to hold the wheels of the vehicle. X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer helps to provide extra stability. This Stabilizer is very effective for X-Chock. You can tighten or loosened it with the smallest applications as needed. It is capable of down to 1 3/8 “and extends up to 10”.

It includes rust-resistant and comfortable bumpers. Generally, this is usually a strong lock that helps keep the tires stable. Stabilizer jacks can be easily opened and fitted. You can use it comfortably for other chocks. Afterward, this is a great tool for stabilizing the wheels of a vehicle.

It is lightweight chocks so that you can have adjusted it easily. If you want, you can have opened up them little first then adjusted it by position. You’ll get an immediate result, and it may less than 5 minutes. However, These wheel chocks can stop rocking in the trailer or steep hills. These chocks are not like traditional chocks, and it is once you installed, then forget it. You can notice the difference between traditional and these chocks different when you installed it.


  1. Very easy to install and use.
  2. Installed in a very short time without hassle.
  3. This is a great tool for stabilizing.
  4. It is anti-rust.
  5. High-quality products.


  1. It is a little heavy for few people.

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2. Camco RV Wheel Stop- Stabilizes Your Trailer

Camco RV Wheel Stop

Camco’s RV wheel stop is a fantastic wheel chock. It makes with a single piece of equipment that can rest the trailer. You can use this stopper to prevent movement from parking or jarking. It has elementary trouble-free install method.

It has a different size that you can choose from your need.

Therefore, you can use it 26″ to 30″ tires easily. You can store this stopper without hassle. These chocks can easily fit at 3-1/2″ to 5-1/2″ tire with spacing. It comes with a single piece of equipment, so it is secure to prevent movement of your RV. Tire spacing is determined, so both tires have some distance, and it can secure your RV better than before. You can install it easily by watching a single video for a hassle-free installation. It will give you tandem tires experience for preventing movement.

This Camco RV Wheel Stop Stabilizer comes with two versions. One of them is a very small version, and it fits with tandem axles 1.5″ to 3.5″ space. Large version fit 3.5″ to 5.5″ so you should check what type of Stabilizer can fit with your RV. However, It is very easy to install because of the fit version of it.


  1. It can protect tires.
  2. Works perfectly in step hills.
  3. Trouble-free chocking experience.
  4. Very easy to install.
  5. Attractive design.


  1. It cannot be locked.

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3. MaxxHaul 2 pack 70472 Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Black Wheel Chock

MaxxHaul 2 pack 70472 Solid Rubber Heavy Duty rv Black Wheel Chock

MaxxHaul 2 pack, 70472 Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Wheel Chock, works great. It can be easily cleaned with soap and water in a short time. The camper has a 36 pull on the back of the trailer, which weighs 9,600 pounds. Wheels do not slip when using Camco products. Made with solid rubber, so chocks are able to perform heavy-duty perfectly.

These are made of heavy-duty rubber, so they are less likely to slide when the wheels are stuck. There are approximately 8 inches long x 4 inches wide x 5 inches long. Chocks are light in weight so easy to carry. It is complete, versatile wheel chocks with an oil-resistant facility.

The maximum of the wheel chocks in the market is made of plastic or resin-made. This wheel chocks made by high-quality solid rubber, so it’s your different experience than another best wheel chocks for RV in the market. You can place it easily because it’s rubber traction pads. To summarize, it is durable and high-quality products.


  1. It is capable of safe vehicle from rocking.
  2. Slippery resistant.
  3. Oil resistant.
  4. Attractive design.
  5. Durable wheel chocks.


  1. Rubber has a bad odor.

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4. Hopkins 11930MI FloTool Heavy Duty Wheel Chock

FloTool 11930MI Heavy Duty rv Wheel Chock

You can use this device to lift all types of wheels. The tires are able to withstand rolling, so the devices are safe to use. Chock has easy and convenient storage. Made it with heavy rubber material and attractive design. These chalks are effective and work great for light work. Chocks are durable and suitable for long-term use. These are in great demand in the market.

Hopkins 11930MI FloTool Heavy Duty Wheel Chock has versatile use. You can use it for ramps or any lifting device. It can protect tires from rolling or rocking from slippery step hills. However, it is made by heavy-duty resin material, and it gives longer durability. After that, one pair of wheel chocks can make safe your RV in any type of situation. You can use these wheel chocks for personal RV.


  1. Prevents tires from rolling.
  2. Works perfectly.
  3. Made of high-quality material.
  4. It is a great chock for longtime use.
  5. Safe equipment.


  1. Made with thin plastic so breaks.

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5. Camco 44414 Wheel Chock Without Rope

Camco 44414 rv Wheel Chock Without Rope

If you are RV owner, you know Camco is unbeatable in the wheel chocks market. Camco 44414 Wheel Chock is very lightweight and made of high-quality plastic. Parking can be done on a very flat surface using a hand jack. It is very important to use these to prevent the car from rolling on hilly roads or slopes.

Also, the chocks are especially useful for light work. Most chock sizes are suitable for all types of cars, trucks, and SUV tires. It comes with a pair of wheel chocks. You can use this wheel chocks for 26″ in diameter. UV inhibitors system and hard plastic make it more durable than others.

Hopefully, the product will be able to work as required. Proper use of this product is important. If you use it in the ground for lifting off, it work fine. Misuse in step hills or rolling inclines can crush the wheel chocks. Use the product with confidence; it works great.


  1. Put the trailer in the right place.
  2. Works perfectly.
  3. It can protect tires.
  4. Made of hard plastic.
  5. Safe equipment.


  1. Failed to hold the wheels of heavy vehicles.

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Final Thoughts

You can’t escape from security and safety issues when it’s about the vehicle. If you love camping or driving by your RV in the hills area, you need the best wheel chocks for RV is essential for you. Back rolling or accidentally rolling can damage your vehicle or cause an injury accident. When you ask me about the best wheel chocks, I can suggest you X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer, and it is awesome to use. You can find easily perfect wheel chocks by checking the above product review and features.

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