How to Replace Catalytic Converter?

How to Replace Catalytic Converter

How to Replace Catalytic Converter

The best catalytic converter is the most important part of the emission control system that cleans up the exhaust of your vehicle. If the converter malfunctions, your car creates additional emission, has less fuel efficiency, and runs roughly. That is why you need to know how to replace catalytic converter when necessary.

Though it costs some money for sure since it is expensive, you can save more money for sure. But the problem is how you can replace the catalytic converter. Do you know how to do it? If not, then you are in the right place because I am going to tell you how to replace the catalytic converter.

Elevate the Car

The first step for successful catalytic converter replacing is elevating the car. It would be best if you chose the perfect place to replace it. Now by using carjack or a pair of carjack, elevate the car at both the front and rear. Elevate it as high as you feel comfortable to move and work.

Now, spray all the bolts and nuts that you want to bring out. It will be best if you apply penetrating oil before you start working. This simple thing will make your job easier when removing the nuts and bolts from the pipe area. Sometimes, the bolts and nuts get tight because of the age.

Read the Car User Manual about How to Replace Catalytic Converter

After placing and elevating your car, you need to find the user manual of the car and read it thoroughly, especially read the catalytic converter part. It is important because you should not miss anything about what you are looking for, what you want to do, and how you want to replace it. When replacing the catalytic converter, missing a single part can damage the car.

So make sure you have read it carefully. Since you are doing it for the first time, it will be tough to find out everything. You can take help from an expert if you want or get confused.

Remove O2 Sensor

We have come to the main part. It is time to remove the O2 sensor. By using the O2 sensor wrench, you can easily remove the sensor. Most of the cars that are built after 1996 have two sensors. One is before the converter, and another is after the converter.

You may leave the one connected with the converter; however, you have the risk of damaging the wire during the replacement and re-installation. Once the sensor is removed, reconnect them and then tuck out them.

Remove Pipes

In addition to the O2 sensor, you should remove the pipes as well that connects the sensor to the converter. Read the car manually once again because some cars have more than one pipes that need to remove before removing the catalytic converter.

Remove the old Catalytic Converter

Now, remove the old and bad catalytic converter. You will find the converter according to the user manual. Some cars have the converter welded in where some cards have it welded on one side and flanges on the other side, or some cars have it flanges on both sides.

You need to know it, and based on that, you need to take action. If you have the welded converter, you need to cut it off to remove it. Pipe cutter, torch, or grinder can be a good option to cut it. However, make sure you take all the safety measurements while cutting it.

Clean the Pipe

After removing the old catalytic converter, it is important that you clean the pipe because the pipe might have some debris or others that damage the car. Use a gasket cleaner to clean the pipe. This seems very simple, but if you ignore this part, it might cause exhaust leakage.

Choose the Right Catalytic Converter

It is time for replacing the old one with the new converter. But here is the tricky part. You need to choose the right type of catalytic converter and the right size of the catalytic converter so that it suits best. Make sure you have purchased the one that is made for your car only. Don’t try anything else at all.

Replace It

Then install any exhaust pipe if needed prior to installation of the catalytic converter. Now install the new converter. But make sure you have got the right direction because any backward direction guaranty you the quickest destroy of the converter. Then simply install it.

After installing the catalytic converter, carefully re-install the O2 sensor that you have removed earlier in the process.

You are done. Now start the engine and check if everything is all right or not. There might have some leakage there. You need to check that as well. Also, you need to check the back-pressure as well in the exhaust system.

Final Verdict – How to Replace Catalytic Converter

As you can see, replacing the catalytic converter is not that tough. However, you need to be careful enough because one single mistake can entirely damage the exhaust or emission system of your car. So make sure you have done everything carefully. When you can do it perfectly, you can save a lot of money because it will increase the fuel efficiency one again, it will reduce the emission, and most importantly, you will get a smooth ride.

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