Best Dent Pullers Review 2023 :Types of Dent Puller & FAQ

Best Dent Pullers

A lot of people out there who go to their nearest garage or local body shop to remove small dents from their vehicles. If you have ever done this, you would have known that it is costly. Spending that much money on this small task is not a small work at all. In that case, a good or best dent puller can help you. With the help of a dent puller, you can easily remove the dent from your beloved vehicle, and it will cost nothing.

Nowadays, you will find different types of  dent puller in the market. Finding the best dent puller for you is a little difficult, especially if you are purchasing it for the first time. That is why I am going to review some of the best dent pullers for small and big dents.

Types of Dent Puller

Glue Pull

Glue pull need flue for affix anything and after that pull out the dent. Slide is the popular in glue pull dent puller.


When you need to pull more force for heavy straight body you need a slide-hammer. This is easier so I recommend it for beginner.


If you have idea about screw mechanism, then it’s perfect for you. It’s have few support legs that will be attached in flat bar.


Bridge and golden dent puller is vertically used for. Golden dent puller is easier then bridge dent puller. Golden dent puller have trigger type handle instead screw mechanism and legs support.

Suction Cup

Suction cup is not mechanical dent puller but still its popular and effective for removing dent.

Push from Behind

Push from behind dent puller is another great puller that’s used for pointless dent remover. Just push the rods from behind the vehicles panel and remove the dent.

Top 7 Best Dent Pullers Comparison

ImageProduct NameOur RatingCurrent Price
best dent pullerGLISTON Dent Puller Tools5.0CheckHere
ARISD Paintless Dent Repair Puller Kit4.9CheckHere
Manelord Auto Body Repair Tool Kit4.8CheckHere
Super PDR Best Dent Pullers Kit4.7CheckHere
Gliston Auto Best Dent Pullers Kit4.7CheckHere
YOOHE Black Aluminum Suction Cup Dent PullerYOOHE Suction Cup Dent Puller4.7


Stud Welder Slide Hammer Dent PullerMophorn Stud Welder Slide Hammer Dent Puller4.7


1. GLISTON Dent Puller Tools

best dent puller

If you are looking for a versatile dent puller kit, then this is the one for you. GLISTON has been providing this tool kit for a while, and people love it. It comes with all the tools and features you need to remove the dent from your car.

Key features

It comes with 24 sizes of different dent pulling tabs. In addition to that, you will get 10 PCs glue sticks for the removal of the dent. And its yellow Glue Sticks are stronger viscosity makes it a perfect option for the harder parts of your car.

On the other hand, the black glue sticks are perfect for the softer part of your car. And these glue sticks melt within 5-8 minutes for your 100w glue gun, and its adhesive cooling time is less than 3 minutes. It is perfect timing for dent repairing.

Its soft silicone bottom keeps the oil paint protected when removing the dents. Not only in the cars, but you can also use this toolkit on other surfaces such as small door dings or hail damages as well. And for easy use, it comes with a full manual.

  • Maximum pulling power.
  • Made of lightweight and strong aluminum.
  • Padded feet for paint protection.
  • Pro glue tabs.
  • Pro glue sticks.
  • No bags included.
  • You need to buy glue guns.

Our verdict

Overall, this is a great product to have for anyone who wants to keep his car safe from dents. It is stronger, suitable for both softer and harder parts of your car, easy to use, and comes with all the features a good dent puller kit should have. So you can purchase it with full confidence.

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2. ARISD Paintless Dent Repair Puller Kit

The ARISD Paintless Dent Repair Puller Kit is one of the best paint less dent pullers in the market. This kit will save you a lot of money that you had to spend on dent pulling or hail removing. Also, it will save you time as well. You can now repair dents and hails by yourself with the help of this amazing tool kit.

Key features

It comes with an amazing design. The t size hammer bar uses a lever-type design. This design makes it suitable to work not only on the cars but also on motorbike, refrigerator, or even washing machine.

Moreover, this t bar dent puller features 16 PCs professional tabs. You can use these tabs against various dents. And the best part is that you can adjust the tabs based on your demands. That means no matter what the dent size is, you can use these tabs to remove dents.

When it comes to materials, this effective dent puller kit is made of high carbon tempered stainless steel. It ensures durability. In addition to that, it features rubber and plastic that are durable, but at the same time, do not hurt your car surface.

  • Sturdy construction.
  • Soft rubber for surface protection.
  • Easy to use.
  • Effective design.
  • Adjustable tabs.
  • Not suitable for larger dents.
  • No bags.

Our verdict

Overall, this one is a simple yet effective kit for your car. Anyone interested to have a toolkit that will help him repair any dent or hail on different surfaces can keep it in his house or car. Are you interested in repairing your vehicles or other items? If yes, purchase this one.

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3. Manelord Auto Body Repair Tool Kit

Manelord is a brand that offers amazing dent repairing tools in the market. Besides that, they provide a wide range of tools that can make your difficult and awkward jobs easy and straightforward. Manelord Auto Body Repair Tool Kit is of those versatile tools.

Key features

I need to talk about its design first. It offers an ergonomic design with a unique arched bridge that enables you to adjust the space and rotate its button to fit the dents better. The handle has a polygon design that makes it suitable for easy car dent repairing.

It comes with 5pcs of different sized glue tabs. I know this is less than the previous two products. However, this is enough for your task. With these tabs, you can repair dents of different sizes.

And lastly, it is paint less. That means it is designed in such a way that it will remove your car dents for sure, but it won’t damage the surface or color of your car.

  • Simple and ergonomic design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Paint less repair.
  • Different sizes tabs.
  • Not suitable for metal surfaces having thin of more than 1 mm.
  • Glue and glue gun needed.

Our verdict

Save your time and money with this amazing toolkit. You can remove the dents as well as hails like a pro with this kit. And if you do not know how to use this kit, don’t worry at all. You will have details manual for this.

So overall, this one of the best dent pullers you will find in the market. So what are you waiting for? Place an order now and repair your damaged car to make it looks new.

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4. Super PDr Dent Pullers Kit

If you are looking for a perfect option for dent removing that will help you find the dents, remove different sized dents, level dents and finally repair better than this Super PDr Dent Puller Kit one is for you. It has all the features you are looking for from a dent puller.

Key features

It comes with a different dent puller. The t bar is perfect for repairing big dents where bridge dent puller can repair the medium-sized dents best. The golden dent puller removes small dent best, and the line board helps you find the small dents.

In addition, it comes with a leveling pen and leveling hammer for better repairing. Along with that, high-quality design with high-quality materials will satisfy you for sure. Silicone bottom ensures the paint protection while repairing. And it is best for versatile uses as well.

  • Versatile.
  • Perfect for big, small or medium dents.
  • Easy to use.
  • Silicone bottom.
  • Professional design.
  • Plastic glue tabs.
  • No carrying bags.

Our verdict

Overall, this one is the best so far. You can choose this one for your car repairing for sure with full confidence.

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5. Gliston Auto Dent Pullers Kit

And the last one of this list of best dent pullers is Gliston Auto Dent Puller Kit. It is a versatile and effective dent puller, as well. With its so many features, it becomes a top-rated dent puller in the industry.

Key features

It is designed in such a way that it is capable of removing big as well as small dents. Its high-quality metal materials make it super durable. On the other hand, its rubber bottom ensures the full safety of the paint or body of your car.

It comes with professional glue sticks that will help you achieve your goals easily. Moreover, its dent remover tabs are adjustable so that you can remove different sizes of dents.

And lastly, you can use it for multiple purposes. It does not only repair cars; it can repair other items such as motorbike, refrigerator, and washing machine as well.

  • Versatile.
  • Easy to use.
  • Effective design.
  • Adjustable tabs.
  • Comes with poor manual.

Our verdict

This one is the last but not the least. It has all the kit and features you need to successfully repair all the dents of your car or other surfaces. So if you are a smart person, you will definitely like this one.

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6. YOOHE Suction Cup Dent Puller

YOOHE Black Aluminum Suction Cup Dent Puller

YOOHE suction cup have separate state that very easy to handle. This suction cup is convenient to down vertically by handle to lift the black suction cup item. Compact design of this suction cup is another best part of this suction cup dent puller. You can easily handle it for its perfect compact design. YOOHE cup dent puller is easy to move in any type clean surface object. Before move this suction cup dent puller confirm that bottom suction cup diameter should be smaller than flat surface cup. This surface cup is very high quality that constructed by aluminum alloy and bottom suction cup made by complete natural rubber. This 200lbs weight suction cup is awesome with bottom diameter 4.7 inch.

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7. Mophorn Stud Welder Slide Hammer Dent Puller

Mophorn Auto Body Stud Welder Slide Hammer Dent Puller

Mophorn hammer dent puller is lightweight and hand-held that’s are very easy to use. This dent puller comes with variant studs and necessary accessories. If you want to save your time and energy when use dent puller it is perfect choice for you. If something is convenient to easy maintenance in auto industry this dent puller is awesome. Thermal protection is the another essential thins for dent puller so 95 degrees is breaker for this dent puller. It’s have heavy duty slide hammer and it’s made by cast iron that’s have slide weight and comfortable grip. Complete accessories kit is the great things for this dent puller. When you think about metal elastic deformation you can buy this dent puller without hesitation.

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Q: How to fix a small dent in a car?

A: You can use common household item for remove a small dent in a car. Like you can use vacuum cleaner and a bucket for fix a small dent. Just make a small hole in the buckets bottom side. Put the bucket above part of dent now just use vacuum cleaner over the hole and turn on the vacuum cleaner. After few minutes check the dent is fixed. You can also use hair dryer, plunger and boiling water for remove small dent.

Q: How to remove dents from car door panel?

A: Just few steps, Wet the dent by water and dish soap, gently pull the plunger. Open the door and take it away and touch the back side gently and check dent also removed.

Q: How to use suction cup dent puller?

A: Pull the suction cup upon the dent and moving towards side when it loose and once time dent pulling out.

Q: Do Dent Pullers Really Work?

A: Dent pullers work fine, even dent is very big to size and it doesn’t matter.

Final Say

These are some of the best dent puller for small & big dents in the market. You know, a good dent puller can change the experience of your dent pulling, and at the same time, it can save a lot of money. The people who own cars must face this dent problem, and for them, a dent puller can be a very handy tool.

All the smart people should have dent pullers so that they can remove dents anytime. I am sure you love your car. If you love your car, this is the time you purchase a dent puller and use it when necessary to keep your vehicle dent-free all the time – best of luck.

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