Best Brake Fluids Review | What Kind of Brake Fluid do I Need

Best Brake Fluids

People who really love their car should always do some maintenance work regularly. It helps the vehicle to stay in the perfect shape for better performance. Brake system is also an important chapter on the maintenance work. A better brake system will keep you safe on the run. Unfortunately, some of the car users do not have any idea what type of car brake fluid are they using. You should always go with the best brake fluids on the market. The job may look a little tough for you but don’t worry I am here to help you out.

If you already know about the ups and downs of the brake fluids then we also have something for you too. I will talk about some of the best brake fluids on the market that are helping many people out. A proper guideline will be shown how you can get the best deal for your brake system. You should always prefer quality over price tag. Some of the best brake fluid might look expensive, but the quality makes it look small. Read the article properly and collect the information you are missing from your page.

Why should you use the best brake fluids?

Vehicle brake systems are built on the principle of hydraulics. It helps you to keep the car under your control. The main job of this method is to give you the power of stopping the vehicle. Some of you may think harder you press the brake pedal the better the brake system work. Well, I have to say it is just a misconception. Without brake fluid your car will lose the power of producing pressure to stop the vehicle. Now, going with a cheap quality brake fluid is not a right choice. You need to go with something which you can rely on upon without any tension.

You need to keep in check the brake fluid and change it when it is required. It is not car oil rather than a totally different thing.  Brake fuel is also known as hygroscopic fluid. You sealed brake can also absorb water. You should buy the best brake fluid which can give you water resistance. Also you need to make sure it is far from the moisture problem otherwise you may find some trouble with your car brake system. Always check the brake fluid reservoir and change it when it is needed. This will help you keep safe on the road and better performance.

Brake Fluid Dot 3 vs Dot 4 vs Dot 5

There is always a level which shows the margin how much brake fluid your car need. If you can see the level that means you need to add some more fluid with it. You should add something which has the ability to be with you even in the harsh condition. There are four different kinds of brake fluid on the market. They are mostly known as DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5 and DOT 5.1.  DOT 3 is meant for regular car and capture moisture at 2% rate yearly.

On the other hand, DOT 4 has better boiling point comparing to DOT 3. Both are poly glycol-based brake fluid, but DOT 4 is designed in a way so that it can accommodate big cars. Besides, DOT 5 is silicone-based brake fluid, and it does not absorb any type of moisture. It is forbidden to mix it with other brake fluid. DOT 5 is mainly engineered for race or rally car. DOT 5.1 is also meant for race car, but it will absorb moisture and made up of poly glycol.

Features of evaluating when purchasing brake fluid

There are several things to consider when buying brake fluid for your car. Such as dot layer, bottle size, oil base, abrasion resistance, lifetime, etc. This dot level indicates the estimate of your brake fluid lifting point. In addition, when you brake the car, the energy changes through those brake lines, which can lead to a rise in temperature. That dot layer will prevent this temperature to rise. Many times you can buy a large bottle at a lower price but check the quality of the fluid. Since not all types of fluids are made of the same material, be sure about the base of the fluid.

Basically, most fluids are made from synthetic, silicone, glycol, etc. So, make sure which of these is suitable for the brakes of your car. Generally, most fluids are able to provide rust protection to your car’s brakes so make sure the fluid is rust-resistant. You will be able to drive 20,000 miles through most of the brakes currently available on the market. In this case, you choose a fluid that allows the car to drive longer.



A: Generally, manufacturers decide what type of fluid to use in a vehicle. In most cases, the reservoir cap of the new vehicle is on the right, if this is not the case then take effective action from the manual of that vehicle. Remember, it is harmful to your car to use anything other than certain fluids.


A: To check your car’s brake fluid, first remove the cap from the plastic reservoir. If your car has a master cylinder made of metal, open the top with a screwdriver. Next, check how much fluid level your car’s brakes have. If the fluid level is less than half an inch, add new fluid.


A: Basically, the hygroscopic fluid reaches the foot through the brake pedal of your car. This gives you the ability to apply all the force to the brakes of your car so that you can forcefully hold those brake rotors.


A: If you don’t change the brake fluid at the right time, it reduces the efficiency of your car’s engine and absorbs water. As a result, your car’s brakes may be ineffective.


A: There is usually no time limit for changing the brake fluid of the car, change it depending on the type of car and the driving conditions. In most cases change it every four years or every five years.


A: There are some differences between DOT3 and DOT4. In general, dot3 has a higher risk of water absorption for the lower part of the temperature. In contrast, the water absorption capacity of DOT4 is somewhat lower.

Top 5 Best Brake Fluids Comparison

ImageProduct NameOur RatingCurrent Price
castrol srf racing brake fluidCastrol SRF Racing Best Brake Fluid5.0CheckHere
Motul std color MTL100949 8068HL RBF 6004.9CheckHere
Lucas Oil 10826 Brake Fluid4.8CheckHere
Pentosin 1204116 Super Dot 4 Brake Fluid4.8CheckHere
Red Line 90402 Rl-600 Brake Fluid4.7CheckHere

1. Castrol SRF Racing Brake Fluids – 1 Liter

castrol srf racing brake fluid

Do you live in a wet condition? If the answer is yes then the Castrol SRF is an ultimate choice for you. It has silicone ester technology which has the characteristics of absorbing less water. This type of feature is really rare on the market. During high temperature it will make sure that there will be no performance deterioration. It has a boiling point which is 518 degrees Fahrenheit, and in dry the number is 590 degrees Fahrenheit. The supreme anti-vapor quality makes it one of the best brake fluids on the market. Besides, it is also safe to use in non-mineral product like your drum brake system.

It is recommended to avoid mixing it with DOT 5 silicone fluid or other types of mineral fluids. This European formulated brake fluid is a perfect choice for people who love racing and rallying. It will work beyond your expectation and make the journey more smooth and flawless. It can be a solution for your brakes, and it is the best you can get on the market. The price might be little high, but the quality proves that it is worth it. You will feel the magic of this brake fluid within small period of time. It will give you better control at the braking system.

Some Pros and Cons of Castrol SRF Racing Brake Fluid – 1 Liter

  • Castrol SRF offers you a superior anti-vapor quality.
  • You will get an outstanding high boiling range.
  • Safe for all types of non-mineral and oil-based brake system.

  • As compared to other DOT 3 on the market, it is little expensive.

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2. Motul std color MTL100949 8068HL RBF 600

Motul std 600 has specially designed for a race car, but you can also use it for regular cars. You can find it very beneficial for enhancement in your car performance. It can easily accommodate all types of car without anything to worry about. Honestly, it is one of the best brake fluids you can find on the market. The cost of the fluid might look little expensive but the service it will bring towards you will make the bucks worth spending. You should always prefer quality over price tag. Value addition means a better product is at your grasp.

MTL100949 600 has extreme thermal resistance and provides you stability at your brake. You will see improvement in your brake system, and it will work smoothly as the first day of your car. The action will be quick and all under your control. Its quality has the ability to surpass the DOT 5.1 specification and offer you something more. Even in the hard-driving condition, you will get great support because it has a high boiling point to help you out. The dry boiling point range is 594 degrees Fahrenheit, and wet boiling point is 401 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some Pros and Cons of Motul std color MTL100949 8068HL RBF 600

  • Motul std 600 will bring back the powerful car stopping power at your service.
  • It is a perfect choice for heavy-duty application.
  • The best brake fluid has a high dry boiling point and high wet boiling point.

  • This Motul product is a little expensive compared to other same brake fluid on the market.

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3. Lucas Oil 10826 Brake Fluid

There is an organization known as Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS). Its duty is to set the quality margin of the vehicle product and certified them. Lucas Oil is also one of the FMVSS approved brake fluid on the market. This certification helps it to become one of the safest fluids for your brake system. It is something which you can use for your both disc, drum brake system and clutch brake system.

It has touched the benchmark of premium quality and bound to provide you a high-quality service. You will find it very beneficial to keep the brake system top-class so that it can work perfectly when you need it the most. Best additives are used to manufacture this product which can prevent seal from softening or hardening. Besides, it also keeps the brake out of corrosion and rusting by the help of polyethene glycol ethers.

Some Pros and Cons of Lucas Oil 10826 Brake Fluid

  • Lucas Oil 10826 is made up of high-quality materials.
  • Seal hardening and softening is not in its dictionary.
  • It can comfortably accommodate with all types of brake system components.

  • Lucas oil fluid is not meant for racing or rallying cars.

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4. Pentosin 1204116 Super Dot 4 Brake Fluid

Pentosin 1204116 is a super quality Super DOT 4 brake fluid. It has gone pass the regular bench for a DOT 4 fluid. So, you can surely expect something better from this world-class premium product. Vapor lock is a problem for many of the brake fluid but using something with better safety margin can ease the tension which you can find in this best brake fluid. It can provide you water-resistance from absorption and retention. Getting all the premium quality in a single fluid is very rear on the market so you should also take your chance with it.

Vehicles which have ABS system can also get service from this excellent brake fluid. Even when you exposed this fluid to a humid environment or dry environment, it will not let you down and still continue the service at its best. If you are living in this type of condition then this best brake fluid can be an excellent option for you. It will serve you according to your need. The old heated fluid on your breaks will be vanished by the use of this fluid and make sure that you have a pleasant experience with your brake pedal system.

Some Pros and Cons of Pentosin 1204116 Super Dot 4 Brake Fluid

  • Pentosin 1204116 can provide you service with both brake and clutch system.
  • Pour container design makes it easy to use.
  • It protects your vehicle from corrosion and vapor lock.

  • Make sure you use a mask during application because it has harmful substances.

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5. Red Line 90402 Rl-600 Brake Fluid

Red Line 600 is engineered in a way so that it can take the high temperature at total ease. This company has an excellent reputation on the market of producing the best brake fluid and premium quality lubricants. They are excellent at their quality so that you can use it even in your racing car. Having this ability creates a unique capacity on the market. Whatever the condition is wet or dry, it will be there for you to deliver the best service that you deserve.

Besides, it can work with almost every break system out there according to your need. If you are looking for something which can help you with the racing car brake then this can be an option for you. It will enhance the performance of your car and make sure you have everything under your control. So fluid lost their ability when it is hot, but this one is unique and will significant for you even then. It might be little expensive but it is worth spending for its quality

Some Pros and Cons of Red Line 90402 Rl-600 Brake Fluid

  • Red Line 90402 will take proper care of your car even in high temperature.
  • It is safety guard against vapor look and brake fade.
  • You can use it in all most all types of brake system.

  • The price tag might look little high for a brake fluid.

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Final Say

Best brake fluids are different from other brake fluid because of their quality which they gain by different formulas. You may find many brake fluid, but it is essential to know what is best for your car. I have provided the required information you need to go with the best brake fuel for you. It is now up to you which side you want to choose. Cheap brake fluid at first might look effective, but later on, you will see the defective part of their quality.

Go with the best brake fluids on the market so that you can rely on it for a more extended period of time. Brands also play an essential factor. The listed brake fluids are from top quality brands, and they have large base of regular trusted users. Water-resistant, corrosion prevention and high voltage point can be an excellent option for you. I always try to help you out with daily quality products. You need to stay with us to keep updated about the best product on the market.
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