Best Car Wash Brushes Review & Buying Guide

Best Car Wash Brushes

Maintain your car looking fresh and clean with the best car wash brushes. Cleaning your car is essential, especially during winter, because it prevents grime and grit from eroding your car. Washing your car at home is easier and affordable, but you need a high-quality cleaning brush.

There are many car cleaning brushes available, but some are low quality, and they might end up messing up with your car’s paint. When shopping for a car wash brush, some essential factors you should check include soft bristles, portability, and an extendable handle to reach hard-to-reach places. We have some top best car wash brush reviews here that will help you pick your favorite brush.

Things to Consider When Buying Car Wash Brushes

Many car owners fear using a brush to clean their car because they are worried about their car’s paint getting scratches. If you want to do DIY car cleaning, then you need to get the best brush. Here are some essential tips that will guide you in picking the best car wash brushes.

Why do you need the brush?

The main reason you need to consider a brush is to reach different parts of your car easily. If the brush has a long pole, it will be easy to reach the roofline, crevices, and other tight spaces. Additionally, it is safer and affordable than other cleaning methods.


You need to check how harsh the fibers are on the car brush you buy. While a stiffer brush might work well on grime, it can rub the car’s paint and cause scratches. If your car is dark-colored, you need to get a soft brush and lighter colored cars to work well with medium to fin stiffness brushes.


You cannot avoid wear and tear of your brush after using it several times. However, you have the option to buy a quality brush that will withstand water and give you durable use. I would recommend wood brushes because they are treated. Additionally, synthetic materials also work well and give a durable use.


Sometimes, you might need to wash your car far from your home. Therefore, you have to consider how portable the brush is if you intend to carry it in your car. Alternatively, you might want your local car attendants to use your ideal brush for washing your car. So, check how portable the brush is before you buy it so that you can get the right one.


You need to choose the right brush length, depending on your car’s size. If you are above 5 feet, you can use a brush that extends about an inch. On the other hand, if you have a large truck, you need a brush to extend up to 4 feet to reach the roof.

Best Car Wash Brushes Review

1. Nurkul 11 Pieces Auto Detailing Brush Set

Nurkul 11 Pieces Auto Detailing Brush Set

If you need a multi-purpose car cleaning brush for the interior, exterior, leather, and wheels, the Nurkul set will be great. The set includes six types of brushes that you can select to choose from to meet your cleaning needs. Fair enough, the brush’s length is long enough to enable you to reach tight spaces, narrow spaces, and lug nuts.

The handle of the brush is comfortable and made of natural wood. It features a smooth and round shape to give you an anti-slip grip. The handle’s top has a hole to help you hang the brush conveniently after use. The set also includes a 2-in-1 duster that acts like a brush and a cleaning cloth. You can use it to clean dirt and dust on various parts of your car.

You can use the ideal detailing brush set for the exterior and interior of your car. Additionally, they work well on the glasses, dashboard, air vent, and wheels, among others. You will also find a steel wire brush that is great if you are dealing with rust. However, you need to take care when using this brush to avoid damages to your car.


  • Great brush for reaching tight spaces
  • It features an ergonomic handle.
  • Great value for the price
  • Gentle and soft on your car
  • You can use the brush on the car’s interior and exterior


  • Brush bristles fall off easily.
  • Nice set, but the quality is not good.

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2. Chemical Guys Acc_S95 Long Bristle Horse Hair Leather Cleaning Brush

Chemical Guys Acc_S95 Long Bristle Horse Hair Leather Cleaning Brush

Not only should you focus on cleaning your car’s exterior but also interior. Get this brush that does a fantastic job when you are dealing with upholstery and leather seats. This hairbrush features horsehair bristles that are durable, gentle, and soft on your vinyl and leather materials. The brush has densely packed bristles to provide the best cleaning.

All these bristles are attached to a plastic handle that provides rugged performance. The handle provides a comfortable grip to allow heavy-duty scrubbing. You can get the best cleaning outcome with the brush since the bristles are long to eliminate any embedded dirt or tough stains.

You can remove dirt, grime, and body oils from the leather interiors in your car. This brush provides a versatile application because you can use it to clean different parts. It works well on leather seats, bags, shoes dashboard, armrests, and luggage, among others.


  • Features durable constructions
  • The bristles are long and gentle
  • It is dual-sided to provide versatility.
  • The brush has a comfortable handle.
  • Great for leather surfaces


  • Bristles fall off constantly.

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3. The Original California Car Duster California Car Duster

The Original California Car Duster California Car Duster

Cleaning your car at home is easier if you have the right cleaning brush. If you get a low-quality car cleaning brush, then you might end up causing harm to your car. We recommend this car duster that provides impressive cleaning. Cleaning your car with this brush will provide a great appearance.

It features a classic and traditional handle that provides the needed comfort when cleaning. The 26-inch plastic handle is long enough to help you reach various places. The 15-inch cotton strands are also gentle on your car and give the best cleaning than other car brushes.

The car duster is lightweight, which makes cleaning bliss. It also features a special wax treated cotton mop that lifts the dust without moving it. You can achieve faster cleaning without scratching your car. You will get a carry or storage case to keep the brush when it is not in use.


  • It is gentle on your car, so it doesn’t cause scratches.
  • Lightweight handle for easy use
  • You will get a nice storage case.
  • Beautiful and works well
  • Removes dirt quick without spreading it


  • Wax streaks on your car
  • Great but it feels flimsy.
  • Leaves red dust spots

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4. Carrand 93062 Deluxe Car Wash 10″ Dip Brush

Carrand 93062 Deluxe Car Wash 10

This is another amazing automotive tool that helps you maintain your car clean. The brush features a 10-inch brush head that is soft and gentle on your car’s paint.  It also features a rubber bumper to ensure your vehicle is safe from scratches. The brush is equipped with a 65-inch extension pole to help you reach all your car parts.

Using the brush is easy because it has form grips to give you better control when cleaning. You can use it when you want to clean your car, RVs, trucks, and SUVs. Unlike other brushes, this one holds pretty well after washing and doesn’t get dirty on the brush head and the bristles.


  • Multi-functional telescopic brush
  • Works great on your car
  • It doesn’t cause scratches on your car.
  • The handle is long and comfortable to use
  • You can wash your car without squatting or twisting.


  • The brush is light-duty
  • Not suitable for tough scrubbing jobs

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5. Chemical Guys Acc_G01, 20″ Long Handle Body/Wheel Brush

Chemical Guys car brushes

How well do you clean your car’s wheels? If you want to give them a sparkling appearance, this is the right brush to get. This wheel brush features a 20-inch angled head with long 20-inch bristles. These bristles are chemical resistant and soft, so it will be gentle on your car and tough on dirt and grease.

The handle is long enough (20-inch) and non-slip to give you a comfortable grip. Therefore, you can complete your cleaning job quickly while enjoying great control. Another impressive thing about the brush is the durable construction, so it is resistant to strong degreasers and acids.

Additionally, the bristles have a nice design that will hold more water and soap to quickly clean grime and dirt. Apart from the wheels, this brush is also applicable when cleaning undercarriages, rims, tires, and inner fenders.


  • Bristles provide safe and gentle cleaning.
  • The brush provides multi-purpose use.
  • Designed with a comfortable handle for a good grip
  • Heavy-duty, so it will last longer than other brushes.
  • Works well on grease, dirt, and grime
  • The bristles are bright and eye-catching.


  • Not ideal for painted wheels
  • It scratches the rim’s clear coat.
  • The bristles fall off.

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6. IPELY 2 Pack Super Soft Microfiber Car Dash Duster Brush

IPELY 2 Pack Super Soft Microfiber Car Dash Duster Brush

Need a multi-purpose microfiber brush for cleaning your car dash, home cleaning, or dusting? Get the IPELY 2 Pack and enjoy multi-purpose use. The brush is 30-cm long, and this makes it convenient to clean various places effortlessly. You can clean any spots in a matter of minutes.

You will enjoy a comfortable and easy grip to help you clean perfectly. The handle fits well on your hands, and it is soft and non-slip. The brush features a full and bigger microfiber head to provide efficient and fast cleaning.

Additionally, the microfiber brush is lightweight for easy use. It also leaves no streaks or scratches on the surfaces you clean. You can use the brush to clean various things like your car, windows, computers, shelves, boats, patio furniture, appliances, among others.


  • Multi-purpose microfiber brush
  • It is soft and doesn’t leave scratches or streaks.
  • It features a comfortable a non-slip handle.
  • The microfibers are full of giving faster cleaning
  • It is convenient to use and gives easy and quick cleaning.


  • Great but doesn’t work well in picking dust
  • The materials would have been quality

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7. 2 in 1 Chenille Microfiber Car Wash Brush

Chenille Microfiber Best Car Wash Brushs

This is a nice brush that you can disassemble easily and use the mitt when cleaning your car’s interior. You can also easily attach the handle and turn the unit in a long mop to clean your car’s exterior. Therefore, you will enjoy the functionalities of two products in one at an affordable price.

Working with this brush is comfortable, and you don’t need to strain your back when cleaning your car. It has an aluminum alloy pole that lightweight and rust-resistant. The handle is not only extendable but also provides 180 degrees cleaning angle. You can easily adjust the length of the pole to enable you to clean various heights.

This brush provides a wide range of applications. It is excellent for drying, washing, dusting, waxing, and polishing your household or vehicles. Additionally, it doesn’t leave scratches on the surfaces, so it is safe to use on painted surfaces like cars. The microfiber head is soft, and this makes it applicable on delicate surfaces. It also features a large cleaning head so you can cover a larger area in less time.


  • Very absorbent for faster cleaning
  • You can detach the mop head for easy cleaning.
  • The brush provides versatile cleaning.
  • Comfortable to use without straining your back
  • It is soft, so no scratches on painted surfaces.
  • The aluminum handle is lightweight and durable.
  • The pole length is adjustable to help you clean various height.


  • Stick doesn’t lock well in position.
  • Great performance when cleaning but feels cheaply made.

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Final Verdict

You need to clean your car often to remove dust, embedded dirt, and grime that can cause rusting. The best car wash brushes come in handy if you want to give your car a sparkling appearance. While there are multiple options you can choose from, it is excellent to research well to end up with the right brush. Of course, you don’t want a cleaning brush that scratches your car’s beautiful paint.

We have recommended the best car wash brushes that are suitable for all vehicles. The selected brushes are soft and gentle on your car, and they provide versatile use. Additionally, they are budget-friendly and provide superb cleaning on your vehicle’s interior and exterior.

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