Top 6 Best Truck Bed Extender 2023

Best Truck Bed Extender

When you think about transport heavy accessories or luggage it is stressful. If you have a pickup truck or Hilux then transfer anything can be less stressful for you. Usually, truck beds are normal size and it is dangerous to transfer anything more than its space and storage. Did your pickup truck allow you to access big accessories? Maybe your pickup truck or Hilux allows big accessories but you may have worried when you need to shift Kayak, bike, or lawnmower. Easy solution for your truck bed is best truck bed extender.

Normally the pickup truck bed is 6-feet and it is not enough for big accessories or luggage. In this case, an easy solution is getting a truck bed extender. Lots of hitch mount bed extender in the market, you should tricky when you choose the best truck bed extender. You should check carrying options, load capacity, storage, and lots of things we will help you with that.

Best Truck Bed Extender Comparison

ImageProduct NameOur RatingCurrent Price
Truck Bed Hitch Extender Extension RackECOTRIC Pick Up Truck Bed Hitch Extender5.0


Bed ExtenderReadyRamp I-Beam Full-Sized Bed Extender5.0


Sport Truck Bed ExtenderAMP Research Black HD Sport Truck Bed Extender4.9


Tailgate Bed ExtenderMopar Dodge Ram Black Aluminum Tailgate Bed Extender4.9


best truck bed extenderDarby Industries 944 Extend-A-Truck4.8


Hitch Mounted Truck Bed ExtenderLUND 601021 Hitch Mounted Truck Bed Extender4.8


Things to Consider Before Buying Best Truck Bed Extender

Standard Extender

It looks a bit like a cage that protects the product from falling. Standard expanders are only able to extend a few inches. It is used in the tailgate space to act as sand. These can be folded and spread out on the empty space of the truck when not in use. There are many types of extenders available in the market, among which you need to choose the one that is necessary for your truck and suitable for use. When you choose a U-shaped truck bed extender it usually 2-feet is enough. Also have cargo slide bed extender is available in the market. Cargo truck bed is easy to access extender. A high-quality extender can be used for a long time.

The Importance of Having Compatibility

No one other than the owner of the truck should know the condition of the truck at present. You need to choose which bed extenders are suitable for your truck. If manufacturers promise to fit a bed extender universally, it’s best not to believe it. Best Truck bed extenders are arranged as wide as an array. Pickup trucks come in a variety of sizes, so extenders have to be made in a variety of sizes. Make sure the bed extenders are compatible with your pickup truck. If it is compatible it can protect the truck as the most advanced extender. Bed extenders are useless if your pickup truck is not compatible.

Construction Materials

Manufacturers use a variety of materials to create high-quality products. Many manufacturers use metal or plastic to make bed extender. Some people also use aluminum. Alpha and deltas are used with each of these ingredients when these materials are used. If plastics are used for some products, the weight of the product may not increase. Products made of plastic are not as strong as aluminum metal. Durable aluminum alloy is more convenient for making this type of truck bed extender.  But everyone has their own characteristics that are better than each other. Depending on which items are usually pulled in the truck, you should decide which Bed Extender you need to buy.

Fits and Shape

The Bed Extender must match your truck exactly. Make sure it fits perfectly with the hitch slot. The shape of the truck bed extender must be the right size. Proper fitting makes it so easy to use. You need to choose a Bed Extender that fits your truck. The right size bed extender saves you the hassle of repurchasing. When you need to load and transport kayak and canoe you need a different type of truck bed extender. So what type of extender will fit in your truck? It is the ultimate question before buying your truck bed extender.


The purpose of a truck bed extender is usually to extend the space from about two feet to four feet. Extra space is required to hold the product so be prepared to provide extra space to store the extender. You must arrange storage in advance for this. Be sure to calculate how much space is needed to keep it. If you have enough space to keep it, you have to buy an extender accordingly. Storage of truck bed extender is very essential so you should take a look at storage capability before buying a truck bed extender.

1. ECOTRIC Pick Up Truck Bed Hitch Extender

Truck Bed Hitch Extender Extension Rack

ECOTRIC Pick Up Truck Bed Hitch Extender has a good load capacity up to 750 lbs. This truck bed is adjustable wisely as your carrying things need. When the carrying capacity is exhausted then a safety flag must be attached to it. Receivers have a 2 “Square Hitch Extender Hitch Fit. It can be used with 1-1 / 4” receivers hitch adapter. It positions the hitch pin hole on the 53/2 “center of 1/2” extension end.

This is usually a 52 “3/4 from the center” hitch pinhole at the end of the extension. If a fold-able extender is needed. Ecrotic picks up hitch extender specially made with heavy-duty steel tubing. This truck extender pinhole may Adjustable Extension Width is 28.25 “- 48.75” and Adjustable Height is 4 “- 10” Weight Fields may vary a bit and it will be 27 lbs. It is very useful when you need a longer loads trip with heavy loading.

  • Up to 750 lbs load capacity.
  • Hitch receivers and hitch adapter facility.
  • Pinhole adjustable.
  • Adjustable height and weight.
  • A fold able extender is available.

  • The attached flag is not red it is pink color.

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2. ReadyRamp I-Beam Full-Sized Bed Extender

Bed Extender

This patented track bed extender becomes a motorcycle ramp. It is capable of keeping dirt bikes and most street bikes under 600lbs. Its working capacity is much higher than normal. This ReadyRamp truck extender is folded flat when you no need to use it. ReadyRamp can be stored easily on the wall of the cab or garage without hassle. ReadyRamp is only one truck bed extender that comes with massive testing with variant critics so I recommend it as a best truck bed extender.

It is designed for full-size trucks like the Ford F-150, Nissan Titan, Toyota Tundra and GM / Chevrolet. This new design is made 15% lighter than the original design. It weighs just 20 pounds. It includes hardware. Its color is usually silver or black. It has been pursuing sales activities in the motorcycle industry for over 15 years with a good reputation.

  • Extra bed space for all gears.
  • Fit every truck size.
  • Passed all extensive critics test.
  • Strong lightweight aluminum made.
  • Rubber coated ramp prevent truck abuse.

  • Doesn’t specify in instruction about the security of the specific truck.

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3. AMP Research 74802-01A Black BedXTender HD Bed Extender

Sport Truck Bed

Its special tapered V-shaped design is created in the perfect blend of form and function. It provides some much needed extra clearance when using the tonneau cover rail which is very useful. Its tailgate is kept open to cover up to 2-feet of the cargo area involved. You have to flip it outwards to control this extender.


It also helps keep the tailgate locked in the truck’s bedding equipment and small cargo. The torque-resistant clam-shell design is done with its composite source and circular-rectangle. It is a durable aluminum alloy tube. It has come with a black and cleaner look that’s made 6063 T6 tubes with a powder coat finish. And it can be easily installed without any hassle.

  • Secure and safe V-Shape design.
  • Adjustable for installation for smaller trucks.
  • Easy to assemble and installation.
  • Flip inside and the close tailgate is easy.
  • Durable powder coat finish.

  • Doesn’t fit the Extended position locking peg.

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4. Dodge Ram Black Aluminum Tailgate Bed Extender Mopar OEM by Mopar

Bed Extender

Dodge Ram Black Aluminum is the universal bed extender. The secure system of these straps involves tailgate latches. This extender is easy to remove completely when the tailgate is open. It is completely secure when the tailgate is closed and locked. This extender easily swift under any type of bed cover. If you think to load your accessories like a golf club bag it will fit there appropriately.

If you have a new pickup truck than the installation process will take a few minutes. This extender has a good design with light construction nicely. It has 45 degrees mount that’s very easy to lift for release. If you need to load a bike, then just off the extender or connect a hitch bike rack at the top easily. This extender comes with a complete mounting kit and instructions manual to install.

  • Lightweight construction with nice design.
  • Easy installation and remove process.
  • Comes with a complete mounting kit.
  • Secure when tailgate close.
  • Fit with any type bed cover.

  • Scratched up easily.

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5. Darby Industries 944 Extend-A-Truck

Darby Industries

Darby Industries 944 extended-A-Truck is the perfect choice when you need to transport far away. This extender has secure and safe designed for transport far away with a heavy load. This extender hitch top and roof rack are adjustable about 5 ft. It features 4-foot wide support. This extender is adjustable up to 10 inches when you talk about height but it is not adjustable in width.

If you have 14 to 17-inch canoe or kayak for the load it will fit easily. The Crossbar of this extender is adjustable in height from 16 inches to 23 inches. It should be carefully stored flat on the back of the seat when not in use. Its roof is full of adjustable height properties for top hoisting. A much tighter and secure rack it has so it is safe from stealing your canoe.  It has a red flag when it arrives, you can bring it with a red flag. The hitch has a receiver with it.

  • Hitch-Mounted extension attached.
  • Good load capacity up to 350 lb.
  • Vertical adjusted so easy to use different size vehicles.
  • 48 inch inside width of vertically.
  • Easy stores behind the seat when it not use.

  • 18-inch swivel works when you used a 2-inch receiver.

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6. LUND 601021 Hitch Mounted Truck Bed Extender

Hitch Mounted
This always allows for an extended length of cargo to carry which is very essential. It is capable of providing an additional 7 inches of ground clearance. It helps to create portable sawhorse. A flag is included and red tape is attached. Its 2-inch standard hitch helps keep the receiver fit. This Extender also gives you another 4X6 ft thus and bed support and kayak sticking out.

It has easily adjustable options that need less than a minute to install it. This extender has adapters that can increase the roof level of your car to raise the arm. Also, you can raise your truck bed by another arm. This extender can easily support to load multi kayak or canoe. If you need a best truck bed extender for carrying plywood or construction business you can choose it without a doubt.

  • The 7-inch ground clearance that’s additional.
  • 27 to 49-inch adjustable side wings.
  • Easy side support fold down system.
  • 2-inch hitch receiver.
  • DOT Approved.

  • Some bar and cotter pin may be missing.

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Final Verdict

Various types of truck bed extenders in the market. Most use extender is conventional U-shaped design, bed loader, and cargo slide extender. The U-shaped extender is very easy to install and maintain. We describe in our buying guide about everything you should take care of when you decided to buy it. Durability, Load capacity, size, specifications, Easy to use, and rust assistance is a big issue when you choose it. Consistent with your pickup truck is the first priority and easy install should big priority for choosing best truck bed extender.

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