How to Keep Car Warm in Winter?

Keep my Car Warm in the Winter

As the winters arrive, we start facing a lot of problems with our car. And the most serious one is that we hate sitting on cold seats in a car, it feels disgusting. So in this article we have tried to discuss the how to keep car warm in winter in detail.

The effect that low temperature does on our cars are

Windshield wipers start freezing.
Car fluids thicken.
Low pressure in tires.
Dead car battery.
You can see how much trouble cold weather can cause to your car. It is not good for the car’s performance and life also.

So here comes the need for keeping the car warm in winter, keeping it warm can be a solution to all of these problems, it can save your car from many troubles and on the other hand keeps you comfortable also.

As we already know that the most common way to keep a car warm is not keeping it idle, or we can say driving it frequently. Because it keeps the engine of the car working, and an engine in working condition warms up, which in turn also warms the other parts of the car. But it is not possible to keep your car running always.

Also, for warming up the car people generally start the engine for 10 minutes before starting the car, but can you think how much fuel burns in this process? This is bad for the environment and your cost efficiency also.

Now you know,

How inefficient this method of warming up your car is by starting its engine for some time, and therefore we are here to tell you about the best way possible for keeping your car warm in winter easily. Especially when you have a modern car.

You should be very thankful for the advanced technology that also allows you to warm up your car without wasting your time and fuel for turning its engine on and waiting for it to warm by itself. This method will only take a maximum of 1-2 minutes in maintaining the environment of your car independent of the fact that how much low temperature is outside.

Now, I know

You can’t wait to know about this wonderful method after reading so much praise about it. Therefore, now I am going straight, so let’s see how you can do this easy task.

● Turn on the ignition of your car without starting the engine, after five minutes you will hear a sound from your engine, this sound is of a fuel pump priming the engine of your car if you do not know what priming is so for making it easy for you to understand a primed engine is an engine that is ready to produce heat. Now you can see the main problem of heating the engine by keeping it on for some minutes before starting the car is no more, and you are good to go now.

● Now that you have made your engine warm just in a few seconds with this trick after this just turn on the heater of your car after 30 seconds and wait for a minute to let it warm the car’s interior, you have to wait for more time if you have an old car. Now you are ready to head towards your destination.
Believe me, it is the easiest way to get heated in less time. But wait there is one problem that this method does not work for every car, it is for the cars of the new era.

There are some more ways in which you can warm up your car as the above method does not apply to all cars.

Using a Block Heater

Using a block heater can help in warming up the engine oil and the coolants also, if you don’t have one then you can purchase it by spending $45 from the market. It helps in keeping the car warm significantly and is a good method for warming old cars.

Moving Windshield faster

You can thaw the windshield of your car faster for removing the snow from the glass, also you can use an external windshield to do so, this will save the time which you will invest in clearing the snow, also removing the snow will warm up your car and allow you to drive the car faster which in turn will heat the engine of your car more.

Dos and Don’ts of warming up the car

Now let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages you will have in warming up your car in winter.

What To Do: how to keep car warm in winter

You will get a comfortable ride with a cozy environment.
The Car’s battery will not die and show good performance.
The engine oil will circulate more easily.
It improves the combustion of the gases.
Less fuel consumption.

What To Avoid: how to keep car warm in winter

These disadvantages are mainly for cars that do not have ignition technology and need idling for warming up.
1. You have to spend some minutes before starting the car just for the engine to work and keep the car warm. This process will produce a lot of poisonous gases which when inhaled by us can cause respiratory problems and also disturbs the environment. This is the main disadvantage of making your car warm before beginning your journey.

2. Preheating your car before the ride takes up a lot of fuel which will cost you more.

3. Excessive idler than required is also harmful to the different parts of your car including the spark plugs and exhaust system.

4. The life of the exhaust system also decreases.


there are some things you can follow to keep yourself warm in the car when your car’s heater is not working properly.

5. If your car’s heater is not working then don’t worry you have the option of plugging in a small heater of approx 12-14 volts in your car. It will help you a lot.

6. Do not park your car outside otherwise, it can sometimes jam. So try to keep it in a garage if possible, If you don’t have a garage then place it in a close area to avoid freezing it up.

7. Always keep blankets with yourself in the car. They can be very relaxing in cold weather and will give you a cozy feeling.

8. You can also use hand-warming packets to keep yourself warm and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: When should I start my heater after turning on the ignition?

You should wait for at least 30 seconds to start the heater of your car after turning on the ignition. Doing this will give you the more warm air from your heater. While on the other hand if you will turn it on immediately after turning on the ignition. Then it will pump comparatively cold air for some time.

Q2: What should I prefer idling or using ignition for warming up my car?

First, check properly if your car is having the ignition technology, if you have an old car then might be possible it’s not having ignition, so you will have the option of idling only in which you have to run the vehicle’s engine for some time, on the other hand, if your car supports ignition then don’t even think about idling, using ignition will be the best option for you for warming up your car.

Q3: Will using an external heater when the heater of the car is not working is safe?

Yes, it is very safe. You just need to be a little careful like you do when using an electric appliance.

Final Say about how to keep car warm in winter

Having a modern car with fuel injector technology is very good for warming up a car. This uses less fuel and time in warming the car. And also have the least disadvantages while on the other hand if you have an old car which does not have this technology. Then you need to do the common idling to keep your car warmer than the outer environment.

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