How to Check Brake Fluid – 4 Easy Steps to Check

How to Check Brake Fluid

How to Check Brake Fluid

If you have a little bit idea about car accessories and instrument you know about brake fluid tank. I want to go directly to the topics. Car brake fluid remains in the reservoir. You can find a reservoir in a different location depends on your car type and model. You can find it easily by finding a brake booster first. Just check the driver side and you will get a brake booster it may near the firewall. Go to the front of the brake booster then you will get three things that are plastic canister, brake fluid reservoir, and brake master cylinder.


Also, it is easy to get a reservoir by finding a master cylinder. The Master cylinder is completely adjusted and related to brake fluid. Brake fluid is the most important part of the master cylinder, when you check the master cylinder you shouldn’t fall any dirt in the brake fluid also.


The brake pedal is starting working when you put your foot on it. Brake fluid moves down in the master cylinder till front and rear brakes. Brake fluid is important for a vehicle to stop properly. When fluid is insufficient in the reservoir then the vehicle doesn’t stop properly. So should keep enough fluid in the tank for brake properly.

Let’s start about how to check brake fluid easily step by step.

Clean the Reservoir Diligently

When you clean the fluid reservoir you should clean it properly. A single amount of dirt things can fill in the fluid move down the way that causes your master cylinder to fail. When fluid can’t move down from the reservoir to cylinder your car brakes fails effectiveness. So should careful every step when you clean the reservoir. Don’t hurry when you clean your brake fluid reservoir because it can stop working if you do something unnecessary.


Open Top of the Fluid Reservoir

When your car reservoir top is plastic you can open it by simply unscrewing the cap. If your car master cylinder is metal, you need to use a screwdriver. Usually, a metal master cylinder has contained an adjusted reservoir so just retaining clamp off the tap for open it.


Remember that, don’t leave and open the fluid reservoir for too long. Master cylinder and the fluid reservoir is a sensitive part of your car so if you leave and uncover it too long it can have ruined. Brake fluid getting moist air 15 minutes is enough for ruined brake fluid. So don’t open it for a long time, keep it tightly just open it until you need to use it.


Check Fluid Level

Check the fluid level of your car regularly. When your car fluid is below in enough level you should add proper fluid for your car. Never empty your vehicle brake fluid. Empty fluid levels can dangerous for your car brake system. Brake system doesn’t work without enough level of your fluid reservoir.


Check the Color Brake Fluid

You should check the color of brake fluid besides checking the fluid level. The normal color of brake fluid gives you symptom about it is fine. When your brake fluid color is dark you should check it by mechanic and change by them. So the color of brake fluid is important for a complete brake system.


Final Verdict

In these four steps, I am trying to show you how to check and when you need to change brake fluid. Brake fluid is toxic so you should check it carefully. Just open the reservoir properly check your fluid and take a step about it. You should maintain some safety tips and systems when you check and change your brake fluid. Sometimes you need to consult with a mechanic for your fluid change so you should do it.


Caution & Safety Tips

  1. First caution for Anti-lock braking system that’s call ABS braking system. You should check the owner’s manual before checking the reservoir. ABS braking system needs to pump the brake 25-30 times average before opening and checking the fluid reservoir.
  2. Brake fluid is toxic so you should test few drops in rugs and dispose of it properly. Also, you should do it carefully.
  3. Don’t fall anything a single drop of fluid especially doesn’t do it on anything painted. Brake fluid can have ruined your paint so if you do it accidentally just wipe it quickly and dispose of your rugs properly.

Sometimes you think grease or oil can improve your brake system. It is sabotage decision, never use grease or oil in your reservoir. Using grease or oil ruined your hydraulic brake system.

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