Top 6 Best Exhaust Systems in 2023

Best Exhaust Systems

A car is a combination of many parts. Even a single wrong one can take down the performance of your vehicle. You need to give it something as you are taking benefit from it. Choosing the best exhaust systems is also very important. It is also part and parcel of your car. Evacuating fumes and noise from the vehicle is its primary job. Different types of harmful gases come out of your vehicle time to time. You need to keep a distance from these gases if you wanted to stay healthy. Best exhaust systems play a vital role at this work.

It makes sure that you keep away from all these harmful gases and enjoy healthy life. Bad sound of a car is very irritating for most of us. You can make your vehicle sound sporty if you choose to go with the best exhaust system on the market. Finding the best exhaust systems is a tough job so we have decided to help you out at this point. I am going to showcase the six best exhaust systems on the business. All the details of the products will help you out to know about the real quality of them. I hope you will get it beneficial and go with the best deal for you.

Buying Guide – Best Exhaust Systems 

There are some things which you should always know when you want to buy the best exhaust systems. It is essential to have knowledge about this point so that you don’t end with something worse. I have prepared a buying guideline which can help you in this case. All of them will be described down below in a simple word. You will get a proper view of the best of best exhaust systems on the market. Hope it will help you out to buy the best exhaust systems on the market according to your need.

Kinds of Exhaust System

Mainly three types of exhaust systems are available on the market. Header-Back starting point is to handle collector and the end one is tailpipes. Besides, it is also a single unit exhaust system. It is an all-in-one type of exhaust system which will replace almost all other components. The simple installation process of this kit makes it one of the best kinds of exhaust systems. But the price may look little high comparing to other ones on the market.

The second one is Cat-Back exhaust systems. It has the ability to replace most of the components of exhaust systems. You can go with a long pipe or small pipe according to your need. Both kinds are available on the market. It also comes with a unique muffler on it. You will definitely like the price range of this type of exhaust systems. It is one of the most affordable exhaust systems on the market. You need to choose your kind according to your requirement.

The last one or the third one is Axel-Back. It is an exhaust system which is a traditional factory fitted. The main difference of this one will be inside of it not outside. The sound and efficiency are not in a vast range like the other two. It is definitely the cheapest one on the business but if the quality matters then it is not for you. The first two is better when it comes to quality, and you should always choose quality over price.

Construction of Best Exhaust Systems

Many things depend on the material which it is built-in. You need to go with something which can provide you with durability and ensure a long-lasting service for you. It is very frustrating when you need to buy the same thing again and again. Aftermarket exhaust system ensures better safety when it comes to construction. Large diameter pipes are also very helpful for your work. It increases the air volume evacuation so that you get a deeper sound from the kit. There are two different system pipes, crush bends and mandrel bends.

Crush bends are cheap and can do the bending quickly. These pipes are mainly used in the factory fitted exhaust systems. On the other hand, Mandrel Bends considered as one of the best types on the market. You will find it very useful and better than the crush. It is expensive but the performance you will get is worth it. Stainless-steel construction makes the product protected from rust and corrosion. Extra coating can be better when it comes to high temperature.

Configuration of Best Exhaust Systems

Most of the aftermarket exhaust systems can be single or dual exhaust. The single one is equipped with single pipe and single module which has the ability to produce better sound in your car.  These types of exhaust systems are the most popular among regular users. On the other hand, dual exhaust system is mostly used for aesthetics. Dual exhaust systems can also be suitable for hot rodding. The design and price may also look useful to you.

Brands Quality

Top brands have been in the business for more than a decade. Brands like MagnaFlow or Borla has built their reputation with quality services. They will not want to destroy it in a second. You can trust them when you want the best exhaust systems. Millions of people are at their side and sharing positive review. It may cost you some extra money, but it is worth spending when it comes to choosing the best one on the market.


Q: how much horsepower does a cold air intake add?

A: Some manufacturers say their system can increase by as much as 5 to 20 horsepower. But if you combine the cold air intake with other engine modifications, such as a new exhaust, you will create a much more efficient system.

Q: how to improve exhaust sound?

A: The shape and width of the exhaust tip can somewhat change the sound to be either more guttural (bigger tips) or rough (littler tips). Twofold walled muffler tips will in general include a full-bodied sound. All alone, however, muffler tips will minimally affect exhaust sound.

Q: how much horsepower does dual exhaust add?

A: Dual exhaust gives you enamors power that can increase power ability to breathe better of your car engine.

A: how much does an exhaust system cost install?

A: Exhaust system cost depend on variant depended like pipes and resonator also muffler. If you purchase new one you can replace it by $150 to 300.

Q: how to make exhaust deeper?

A: It’s the motor size that decides if the exhaust sound will be sequential. Naturally, a greater engine delivers a higher and more quality sound. So the easiest arrangement is to go for a greater motor as a swap for what you as of now have.

Top Six Best Exhaust Systems Comparison


Magnaflow exhaust system

01. MagnaFlow Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust System
  • Construction increases the kit efficiency.
  • Safe from all types of rust and corrosion.
  • Installation process very easy.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Sleek and attractive look.
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large exhaust systems

02. MagnaFlow Large Stainless-Steel Performance Exhaust Systems
  • Installation process does not need any welding.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • An excellent choice.
  • Improve the efficiency.
  • Excellent sound.
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Invidia exhaust systems

03. Invidia N1 Single Layer Cat-Back Exhaust System
  • High-temperature resistant.
  • Powerful exhaust system.
  • Sporty look.
  • Perfect fitted.
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04. Borla Rear Section Exhaust System
  • Improve resale value to your Corolla or XRS.
  • Easy to installation process.
  • Decent sound experience.
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05. BORLA S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Improve efficiency & mileage too.
  • Superior sound.
  • Installation system is good.
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Gibson Exhaust System

06. Gibson Performance Metal Stainless Exhaust System
  • Rear dual split
  • CFT super flow performance
  • Easy bolt installation process
  • Better volume efficiency.
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1. MagnaFlow 15160 Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust System

best exhaust system

Demand for smooth sound is increasing day by day. They want everything to be perfect and deliver the best goods. If you fall into this margin than you will definitely love this best exhaust system. It will make sure that you get the high performance at your exhaust system. The manufacturer has also taken care of the leaking problem that you used to face in most of the exhaust systems on the market. Now, you will get a flaw maintaining exhaust efficiency which will make sure that no leakage hampers your performance experience.

Most of the leakage is connected to the rusting problem. So if your motor has the rusting problem than it can lead to the leaks. The stainless steel body of this exhaust system keeps the device out of rust and corrosion so that you can enjoy the performance for a more extended period of time. The installation process of the kit is also very straightforward. You will also find all the details of this work within the package. No need to call a mechanic or experts to do this work for you. You can easily do this installation task by yourself and save some money for other works.

The black coating has been done on this kit to improve the functionality of this gadget. This kind of protection is very helpful when you are living in high temperature or even in a salt fog situation. You are really going to be beneficial from this unique inclusion on this kit. You will get a confident roar from the axle-black. Upgrading to the MagnaFlow performance series will make it more comfortable for you to use it. You will get extra power at your jeep and have the ability to travel in all types of terrain without any problem.

Some Pros and Cons of MagnaFlow 15160 Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust System

  • The stainless-steel construction increase the kit efficiency.
  • It is safe from all types of rust and corrosion.
  • The installation process of this exhaust system is very to complete.
  • You can buy it at reasonable price.
  • You will get a sleek and attractive look on this system kit.

  • It is designed to fit specific application.

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2. MagnaFlow Large Stainless-Steel Performance Exhaust Systems

exhaust systems

Are you looking for the best model of exhaust system? If the answer is definite, then there are very few best exhaust systems which can this MagnaFlow 15155. Infect, the number is only in single-digit and it will also very hard for you to find. It is better for you to go with this one and make the best out of it. Your Ford Focus ST will definitely get an excellent service from this top-quality best exhaust systems. They have a broad base of a regular user, and most of the reviews are positive about this product. You can also become part of this benefited zone.

The powerful sound has the ability to fulfil your need. You will really love the way it will improve efficiency in the car. You will get better performance and have a long-lasting service. Fume is very dangerous, and it is reason for lots of diseases. But when you have this MagnaFlow 15155 at your side then you have nothing to worry about the dangerous gases. It has the ability to kick out all the harmful gases of your car quickly. A person who is careful about their health will definitely love this inclusion on this product.

When you add an exhaust system then you definitely want your motor to work more efficiently. But most of the time you are disappointed because they are cheap quality products. MagnaFlow 15155 powerful exhaust system will make sure that the efficiency of your motor improves at a high rate. You will get more control and comfort in your car. The stainless-steel body of the exhaust system keeps it away from all types of rust problem so that you can use it for a more extended period of time. The installation process does not ask for a lot of tasks.

Some Pros and Cons of MagnaFlow 15155 Large Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust System

  • The installation process of this exhaust system does not need any welding.
  • Stainless-steel makes it durable and long-lasting.
  • An excellent choice for every Ford Focus ST out there.
  • It will improve the efficiency of your motor.
  • You will experience excellent sound at your car.

  • The price can be little high compared to the other top-quality exhaust systems on the market.

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3. Invidia N1 Single Layer Cat-Back Exhaust System

exhaust systems for car

Subaru BR-Z and Scion FR-S both are ruling the car industry for decades. They are very powerful, and their quality of performance is excellent. You definitely need a premium quality exhaust system for them. I am intruding to you one of the best exhaust system on the market Invidia N1 Single Layer. It has the ability to take the heavy-duty of your vehicle and improve the overall performance of your car. Invidia exhaust system has been in the business for decades and built its reputation by providing the best quality product to its customers.

You can have trust in them like million other regular customers. They have changed their product time to time to cope with the modern market. Old times rust and corrosion used to be a problem for your exhaust system, but stainless-steel body cut them all out of the game. You will be free all types of erosion problem and get a long-lasting service. To make it different and stronger than others on the market they have also used titanium coating. This type of coating makes it stronger and allows it to take heavy heat. You can stay comfortable with it even in harsh condition.

After you install your Invidia (HS12SSTGTT) N1 exhaust system properly, you will encounter improve sound alongside with improvement in motor efficiency. Overall, you will get better performance in your car. Very few exhaust system on the market has type of quality. The pipping diameter of this exhaust system is 60 millimetre which is international standard. This type of performance at this price range is very rear on the market. You will also encounter increase horsepower after attaching this quality kit in your Subaru BR-Z and Scion FR-S car.

Some Pros and Cons of Invidia (HS12SSTGTT) N1 Single Layer Cat-Back Exhaust System

  • Invidia (HS12SSTGTT) N1 is coated with titanium to makes it high-temperature resistant.
  • It is a powerful and loud exhaust system.
  • This product comes with a sporty look.
  • You will get a perfect fit in your compatible vehicles.

  • You may need some mechanic to do the installation for you because it is a little complex comparing to other one on the market.

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4. Borla 11795 Rear Section Exhaust System


Poor resale value is a major problem in Corolla S or XRS. This kind of problem can be solved with the help of a quality exhaust system at your side. When you have decided to have the best exhaust system for your Corolla S or XRS then Borla 11795 comes into game. It has the ability to solve this kind of problems in your vehicle. Install the Borla 11795 and enjoy your ride better than before. You will definitely enjoy a better resale value and a sporty sound at the system. Besides, you will also enjoy many other benefits from this top-class exhaust system.

Performance of the car will also increase by the inclusion of this kit. It is designed in a way so that you can enjoy more benefit from it. The smoothness of your car is directly connected with the performance of your vehicle. You will enjoy the way it will be significant at your work. In low RPM the sound of the car will go very low. Some of you may not like this quality according to your preference. But when the vehicle is at speed you will definitely enjoy a sporty sound at your car. There are very few people in number those who don’t like this feature.

Like all the other top-quality exhaust system, Borla 11795 installation process is also very easy and simple to follow. You can perform without any help of a professional. You will get all the instruction on the package which is pretty straightforward. No need to spend extra money on this process. You will be happy to know that all the quality features can be brought at your side within a reasonable price. Most of the regular customers share positive review about this product, and they are pleased by the service they are getting from it.

Some Pros and Cons of Borla 11795 Rear Section Exhaust System

  • Improve resale value to your Corolla or XRS.
  • You can get this best exhaust system at a competitive price.
  • Anyone who can follow some simple instruction can complete the installation work.
  • It can give you a decent sound experience.

  • It is quiet at low RPMs.

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5. BORLA 140595 S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System


BORLA 140595 is specially designed for Subaru WRX. It will perfectly fit with this vehicle and give you the perfect performance. You will get a great sound experience when you fit it with the perfect one. I will recommend you to attach it with only the mentioned vehicle to get the best out of it. You will enjoy the high performance without anything to worry about. Once you have used this exhaust system then their no other product which can impress at the Subaru car. Its superior sound will bag you at his net so that no one else can catch you.

If you have a Subaru then you have nothing to think more simply go with this one. It has the ability to fulfil your expectation and give you the service that you deserve. The construction of this best exhaust system is done with stainless-steel, and we all know how it works. This material has the sustainability to keep it at your work for a more extended period of time. Besides, problem like erosion and rust will not be there in the game. You can enjoy the service of this product without anything to worry about at all. Its durability makes it first choice for the Subaru WRX.

As I have mentioned before, it can fit perfectly with Subaru WRX then the installation should not be so tough. You can do the work very easily by yourself. You just need to follow the instruction of the package properly. And you will get metal O-rings with the package and make sure to fit it perfectly with it. The price might look little high comparing to other Subaru exhaust system on the market. But the quality of this product is far superior to the other ones which are cheap in price and quality. You need to go with something which will be alongside you for a more extended period of time.

Some Pros and Cons of BORLA 140595 S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System

  • Stainless-steel body makes it durable and long-lasting product.
  • It has the ability to improve your car efficiency and mileage too.
  • You can expect superior sound from this top-class exhaust system.
  • BORLA 140595 brings fit-on installation system for Subaru WRX.

  • You can use it only in Subaru WRX.
  • The price tag may also look little expensive to you.

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6. Gibson Performance Metal Stainless Steel Exhaust System

Gibson Exhaust System

Gibson performance metal exhaust system have split rear dual exhaust system. This exhaust system installation is very easy to use because it’s have 5 inch mandrel bent stainless tubing. Also this exhaust system has factory style hangers and clamps that will help you to install it easily. Have you idea about CFT super flow performance? Yes this exhaust system gives your engine super flow performance that will increase power and torque. This is welded construction material and also have chambered for better volume efficiency. Unrestricted flow of this exhaust system give better volume package. 5 inch black coated round rolled cut tips is adjusted with this exhaust system.

Some Pros and Cons of Gibson Performance Exhaust System

  • Specific vehicle based exhaust system
  • Rear dual split exhaust system
  • CFT super flow performance
  • Easy bolt installation process
  • Better volume efficiency with unrestricted flow

  • Sometimes this exhaust system louder


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Final Say about Best Exhaust System

There are many quality exhaust system on the market. This five only make this best exhaust systems list, and there are many reasons for that. As you are at the end part, you may already what they are worth of and why they are listed. I always try to showcase the best product at your service. Besides, this best exhaust systems has to offer something more than the superior sound. You will also see the improvement in your motor performance and how efficient it will feel day by day. Lots of hard work of many people has helped to complete this review.

Our team works night and day to collect accurate information about the chosen product. We are always open to listen about your complaint or suggestion. You can email us and ask your question. The comment section is also open so that you can share your valuable opinion with us. We need you, and you need us on both benefits. We are here only to show you the best product on the market, but the decision is yours so choose wisely. If you find this article helpful then you can share them with your friends. Stay with us to keep updated about the best of the market.
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