How to Change Headlights – Tips & Tricks

How to Change Headlights

How to Change Headlights

One of the most important parts of all vehicle is car headlight. It protects against various accidents. The headlight is wrapped around the rim, the part hidden inside the rim is called the reflector. The reflector has a bright basement; it just looks like a silver bullet. The reflector is located behind the bulb and is located just behind the bulb placement. The power is transmitted to the bulb through a storage battery. Also, there are several lights in the car, there are two more small lights on either side of the headlight, which are called sidelights. One of these small lights is yellow and the other is red. These lights need traffic signals.


Have to check the car headlights once or twice a week. Headlights are best to check in daylight because if checked at night, it is often noticed that the problems of headlights are not visible.


How to Change Headlights

The back-light also flashes as soon as the front headlight is lit because the back-light is connected to the front headlight. The car’s number plate is used for the back-light to show and signal the back of the vehicle. Most cars have a lamp in the upper part of the driver’s head.


At night, the signal lights on the side of the car turned on when the car turned around. The lights are turned off when the car is rotated. Most of the time, the lights are long. Often the signal is given by turning off the headlight in the direction the car will be rotated. If the car is rotated to the right then the right headlight is to be turned off, and if the car is rotated to the left then the left has to turn off the headlight.


The Storage Batteries

All the lights in the car that burns with electric batteries are called storage batteries. It is much like a small wooden box in size. Storage batteries carry a certain amount of electricity. If the battery capacity of the storage is lost, then it needs to be recharged immediately from the car repair workshop or battery shop. After charging, the battery works again. The battery consists of two parts one negative and the other positive.


Reason for Battery Damage

If the battery is not properly cared for and not discharged immediately after a full charge, then it is lost immediately. But if the battery is properly cared for, prevented from soaking in water, the battery will continue to function well for a long time. Since they are very sensitive machinery, it should be used with extreme caution.


The Headlight Holder

The headlight bulb will be easier to access than the front of the car by opening the engine hood. After opening the hood, the front headlights of the vehicle should be identified. The headlights are in a bulb holder; it has a power connection. The power connection is usually made up of three wires, which is the connection that leads to the bulb burning.


Power Cables Removed

Usually power cables connected with plugin of a headlights. They are encased in a plastic catch, a metal clip or a screw cap, depending on the brand and model of the vehicle. The plastic catch has a small lever at the top, which will need to be pressed down when the plug is started to pull. If you have to work with a metal clip, it needs to be pulled. When pulled, you need to make sure to hold it tight. If the screw cap is working, it needs to be rotated with the counterclockwise.


Old Bulbs Removing Method

First you should remove with disconnecting old bulbs. If it is difficult to release the bulb, in some cases, it may be necessary to rotate it a little to release the bulb.


Installing New Bulbs or How to Change Headlights

The new bulb should be fitted with tissue or hand gloves. It has to be used to protect your skin from all kinds of oils and dirt. Before installing the headlights, the alcohol type should be thoroughly wiped with any liquid. After preparing the bulb, it should be stuck to the base of the plug. If the bulb is properly installed, no rubber gasket will appear on the bulb. After installing the bulb, the headlight holder should be restored to its intended position. Then plug the power cables into the plug and make sure the headlights are turned on. If turned on, you should know that the headlights have been fitted correctly.


If you notice that the headlight has failed to install properly then you should try to install the light again. In this case after reading the company manual you should try to solve the problem or get the help of an experienced person.

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