Best Catalytic Converters 2023 – Review, Buying Guide & FAQ

Best Catalytic Converters

We all know every vehicle out there produces carbon-DI-oxide during the combustion process. But the fact that you don’t know is that it can even produce carbon monoxide and nitrous oxides like harmful gases. They are more dangerous than the first one. Our home planet’s environment has been polluted for this specific reason. It is our duty to keep it lively and allow your future generation to live in the same environment which we are living in.

Using the best catalytic converters make sure that the harmful gases bond is broken and throw something better into the air. Most catalytic converters use reduction and oxidation processes for neutralizing toxic gases. All your work can go in vain if you can’t get the best catalytic converters on the market. I am here to narrate to you the five best catalytic converters which can be perfect for your vehicle. Let’s get to it and see what is up there.

Best Catalytic Converters Comparisons

ImageProduct NameOur RatingCurrent Price
Walker 16370 Direct Fit Catalytic Converter5.0 Check Here
AUTOSAVER88 ATCC0006 2.5" Inlet/Outlet Universal Catalytic Converter4.9 Check Here
Eastern 70318 Catalytic Converter4.8 Check Here
Walker 15036 EPA Certified Standard Universal Catalytic Converter4.8 Check Here
MagnaFlow 99356HM Universal Catalytic Converter4.8 Check Here

Factors to consider when purchasing Catalytic Converters


Before buying a catalyst converter, check if it fits in with your car. In general, there are two types of catalyst converters available, so consider which one is right for you.

Direct fit

In general, direct-fit catalyst converters have a distinct. Only by bolting into an existing exhaust system will you be able to install it. It is usually made as an OEM part to replace those units so it has similarities with the original parts. Also, check that the catalyst converters are compatible with your car before you buy them.

Universal fit

In general, these catalyst converters are specially made so that they will be able to fit in all types of car exhaust systems. Typically, these types of catalyst converters have extension pipes at the ends so you will be able to cut your extra piece through the existing acoustic system. Installing these catalyst converters is a bit complicated but it can fit all types of exhaust systems, this is its main advantage.


Pay attention to the catalyst converter of the best and well-known brand when buying. Since a high-quality brand assures you of using that product in the long run, buy a well-known brand catalyst converter. Also, be sure to pick a reliable catalyst converter for your advanced brand of car. Basically, catalytic converters of advanced brands reduce the emissions of the three major harmful gases and prevent environmental pollution.


The importance of a proper catalyst converter to increase the durability of your vehicle is immense. In this case, choose a catalyst converter that is particularly suitable for your car. Mainly due to the high performance of a catalytic converter, your car’s engine stays cool even at hot temperatures. As a result, in the long run, your vehicle will be durable and provide high performance.


  1. What happens when the catalytic converter goes bad?

A: When the catalytic converter of a vehicle goes bad, the efficiency of the engine decreases. Also, the heat spreads under the car and the odor spreads through the exhaust fumes.

  1. Can I hit my catalytic converter with a hammer?

A: If you need to hit, you can hit the catalytic converter with a hammer very carefully.

  1. Does removing the catalytic converter affect the engine?

A: A catalytic converter interferes with the increase in power of your engine. Also, removing the catalyst converter can cause exhaust gases to escape from your car very quickly.

  1. Can you drive a car without a catalytic converter?

A: You can drive your vehicle without a catalytic converter, but it reduces the efficiency of your engine. Also, not installing the catalytic converter will make the car unusable in the long run and will emit harmful fumes, polluting the environment.

  1. Where is the catalytic converter located?

A: Basically, the catalytic converter is in the exhaust pipe box at the bottom of your vehicle.

  1. Can catalytic converter cause misfire?

A: Usually an old and worn-out catalytic converter prevents the flow of gas from your vehicle’s engine. Basically, this disturbance can cause the vehicle’s gases to overheat and cause a fire.

1. Walker 16370 Direct Fit Best Catalytic Converter

Walker 16370 is one of the best catalytic converters for the OBDII. You can use it both in the latest version and the 1996 one. It is specially designed for this particular vehicle. Exhaustion will never be part of your job and provide you a great fit at total ease. You will find wash coat technology on it which is very rear on the industry. Inclusion of this particular high-quality tech will improve your overall performance of the catalytic converter.

Precious metal load and stainless body which is aluminized can drag your attention to use it in your car. The pipe has been shielded so that you can protect the product from heat and used it for a more extended period of time. Flanges, hangers, and brackets are thick and OE-style which is excellent to have in a catalytic converter. You can use it for an extended period of time without anything to worry about. The installation process of the product is also very simple and straightforward.

Some Pros and Cons of Walker 16370 Direct Fit Catalytic Converter

  • You get a heat shield protection on it.
  • It is durable and can be a companion for a more extended period of time.
  • Walker 16370 Direct installation process is straightforward.
  • Hardware and gaskets are not included in the package.

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2. AUTOSAVER88 Inlet/Outlet Universal Catalytic Converter

Are you looking for something which can overcome OE quality and give you something better? then you should obviously have a look at this best catalytic converter. AUTOSAVER88 ensure a premium quality design which can make it easy for you to fit in the vehicle. The manufacturer has promised to provide you premium quality without even sacrificing the flow rate. You can get total efficiency from it because of its stainless steel construction.

Besides, catalyst coating and internal ceramic substrates make sure that you get the best out of your product. It comes in 2.5 inches in diameter and 11 inches overall length which is a universal standard size for the vehicle. On the other hand, the outer diameter of the exhaust pipe is 2.5 inches. The best catalytic converter has an EPA certification which makes it a long-time companion for your job. You can be with for at least five years or fifty thousand miles.

Some Pros and Cons of AUTOSAVER88 2.5″ Inlet/Outlet Universal Catalytic Converter

  • The Universal Catalytic Converter has been certified by EPA.
  • The quality design of the product ensures total efficiency.
  • It will make your vehicle more powerful and also improve performance.
  • It is not legal to use it in California.
  • The installation process requires a professional person.

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3. Eastern 70318 Best Catalytic Converters

Catalytic Converter is a product from Eastern Company. It is a premium quality product which can be great for reducing the exhausted gases emission.  The converted body material of the product is stainless steel. The ceramic substrate material is also suitable for improving the performance of your vehicle. As I have mentioned before about the gases emission, you can use it to keep the environment fresh and makes it a better place to live on.

The design quality of the product is excellent which can ensure the maximum engine output. The efficiency of the gadget is standard, and you need to thanks it Nanotechnology chemistry. Besides, it has a heat shield with the help of aluminized coating. The primary purpose of using catalytic converter is to keep the most harmful gases out of the environment. You can also be a contributor to make the earth a better place to live on for our future generation.

Some Pros and Cons of Eastern 70318 Catalytic Converter

  • Nanotechnology chemistry and advanced materials are used to manufacture this catalytic converter.
  • Get maximum efficiency and engine output from the best catalytic converter.
  • The whole Eastern 70318 Catalytic Converter is made in the USA.
  • The installation process of the catalytic converter needs welding and cutting.
  • No air tube is available on the catalytic converter.

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4. Walker EPA Certified Standard Universal Catalytic Converter

Best Catalytic Converters

Walker 15036 comes with a universal fitting design and has no flanged at the end. You can use it in different exhaust system for its ability to expandable bushings. You can use it for an extended period of time because of its aluminized pipes and stainless-steel body. The heat shield is great for protecting your car parts from heat damage. If anything goes wrong within five years than they are offering you a helping hand so that you can be with for longer.

You may miss the oxygen sensor port, but you will definitely enjoy the 25,000-mile catalytic performance feature. It will keep the environment fresh and make sure that your car is no harm to the vehicle. Modernization doesn’t mean polluting the environment rather than saving it. Overall, the quality features of the Walker 15036 make it a premium environment enhancer gadget. It has been certified by the EPA organization, and you are going to have a great time with it.

Some Pros and Cons of Walker  EPA Certified Universal Catalytic Converter

  • Walker 15036 EPA has a universally fitting design.
  • It has a stainless steel body that is aluminized.
  • The heatshield is available on the catalytic converter.
  • Welding and modification are needed during the installation period.
  • It has no oxygen port.

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5. MagnaFlow 99356HM Universal Catalytic Converter

Best Catalytic Converters

MagnaFlow 99356HM has something very unique features to offer which you may find hard to find in this decent rate. One of the key benefits of this best catalytic converter is that you can use it for both diesel and gas engines. I am pretty sure that will be a hard task for you if you try to look for this feature in other products on the market. It is rear and great to have in a universal fit design.  You can use it all over the US without anything to worry about except California.

The main component of this converter is stainless-steel which is excellent for durability. The seams are welded close to be great to compete with the bumps on your vehicle. Enjoy the ride at total ease like the other day. One of the back steps for this converter is that it needs welding and some adjustment during the installation period. Use it in all types of vehicle and keep the environment safe. You are surely going to have a great companion on the travel.

Some Pros and Cons of MagnaFlow 99356HM Universal Catalytic Converter

  • The design of the MagnaFlow 99356HM makes it a universal catalytic converter.
  • It is a companion with both gas and diesel engines.
  • Stainless steel body design with built-in heat protection.
  • It is a non-carb compliant.
  • The installation process of the catalytic converter needs some extra work.

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Final Say 

All the best catalytic converters, you just read, or roll over is durable and ensures to provide you an excellent service for an extended period of time. It is worth spending some money on a good thing which can give you something positive to do with it. A stainless body and aluminized pipe can be a crucial factors when you are looking for the best catalytic converters on the market. Brands of the product have a long history of client satisfaction and have been in the business for many decades.

They know what they are dealing with and what their consumers are and always provide the best. Many top-class catalytic converters have been left behind to make room for the five best of them all. Whenever your parts get damaged, you can replace them with something better which I mentioned on the list. You have different options to choose from and go with the best according to your need. Our team works extra hours to make sure that you get the best information and grape the best deal.

We are eager to know about your opinion about the products, or you can give us some suggestions to improve our work. Stay with us and keep updated about the best product on the market.

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