Top 5 Best Shop Vacuum For Cars 2023

best shop vacuum for cars

best shop vacuum for cars

If you are looking for the best shop vacuum for cars, then you are in the right place. Because in this article, I am going to review some of the best vacuum for cars with its good and bad so that you can find out the right one for you.

You know, now we are so busy with our personal life that we cannot even remember many ritual at all. We have apps that help use remember the ritual. We are so lazy that we do not want to clean our car with our hand, do not have that time and we do not want to put that effort.

And since we are living in an era of technology, we do not have to do these things by ourselves as well. Car vacuum cleaners can do it for ourselves. It cleans the car like a pro.

Buying guide for the best shop vacuum cleaner for cars

Now you have a list of some good shop vacuum cleaners for car. But how can you understand that which one will be perfect for your use. Well, to know that, you can simply remember some points and if you can do so, I hope you can choose the right one for you.

Weight and portability

Since we are talking about the car vacuum cleaner, it has to be portable enough. Besides, since you need to carry the cleaner in order to clean the car, it has to be lightweight. Other than that, you cannot carry it easily and as a result, you cannot clean the car easily. So make sure you have chosen the lightweight one for cleaning.

Dirt capacity

Dirt capacity is another factor you should consider while choosing the car vacuum cleaner. The more the capacity, the better. But when you will look for the larger capacity, it might increase the weight. So without going for the highest capacity, you should go for a medium capacity so that you can get the light one.

Power source

Power source is also important. If you are looking for a cleaner for your vacation then cordless battery powered vacuum cleaner will be a good option. In the other hand, if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for your shop then a long corded cleaner will be good. So it depends on your demand.

Suction power

Also, you need to check the suction power. If you have to deal with wet dirt and debris, or a large amount of debris then you should go for high suction power. On the other hand, if you need a cleaner for regular cleaning then a medium power will be enough.

Other key features

And lastly, check some other key features as well. Such as you can check if the cleaner has a light or not for easy cleaning in the dark. Or you can check the auto-off feature as well. These features are not mandatory for sure, but this can add some value to the cleaner for sure. So check it.

Best Shop Vacuum For Cars

ImageProduct NameRatingCurrent Price
MAX VacuumDEWALT 18/20V MAX Vacuum5.0Check Here
Utility Shop VacuumArmor All Wet/Dry Utility Shop Vacuum5.0Check Here
HOTOR Corded Car VacuumHOTOR Corded Car Vacuum Cleaner High Power4.34.9Check Here
ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car VacuumThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum4.34.9Check Here
vacuumWORKSHOP Wet Dry Vac4.8Check Here

1. DEWALT 18/20V MAX Vacuum

MAX Vacuum

DEWALT is one of the most popular companies in the power tool and hand tool industry. They have been doing business since 1924. That means around 100 years, they have been doing business. And the best part is that they have been doing business with great reputation.

They have a great line of some amazing top quality products. You cannot make a list of the best shop vacuum for cars with a product of Dewalt. The DEWALT 18/20V MAX Vacuum is one of their amazing products. And it is one of the best car vacuum in the market.

One of the best features of this amazing vacuum is that it can be used corded and cordless at the same time. You can easily operate it corded with an AC outlet. Also, you can use it cordless with a 20v or 18v battery. It all depends on your wish.

Another great thing about is that it is efficient enough. Its HEPA Rated filter traps more than 99% efficiency. In addition, it comes with reusable or washable filter. As a result, you do not have to purchase new one.

It comes with 2 gallon tank capacity and it can generate pressure up to 31 CFM. Besides, its fully crush resistant 5ft hose ensures durability, easy to use and most importantly, flexibility. And lastly, it features on board storage for easy transport.

Overall, it is surely one of the top rated shop vacuum for your car. However, the only problem with this one is that you might not get enough power with the battery. So if you are considering to use this one without the cord, then it might not be a good option. Otherwise, if you have corded option, then surely it will get your job done perfectly.

Light weight
Easy to use
Can use battery power or AC
Washable and reusable
Onboard storage

Small tank capacity
Battery and charger sold separately.

Check Current Price


2. Armor All Wet/Dry Utility Best Shop Vacuum

Utility Shop Vacuum

If you see some reviews about the best shop vacuum for cars, then you will see this Armor All Wet/Dry Utility Shop Vacuum. The reason is simple. It is one of the best shop vacuum cleaners in the market right now. You will get all the features you need from a vacuum cleaner.

Armor All is one of the most popular car products manufacturer in America. They have been in the industry since 1972. And the best part about them is that they have been doing business with good reputation. That means, you can trust on them.

The company manufactures and sells the product line of liquids, sprays, gels, and wipes to shine, clean, and protect exterior and interior automobile surfaces. Armor All Wet/Dry Utility Shop Vacuum is one their good product for your car cleaning.

It comes with 2.5 Gallon Polypropylene Tank capacity. That means it is larger than the previous one and as a result, it can hold more air than the previous one. Besides, it features 2 peak HP motor that can generate enough suction pressure.

For added flexibility and use, it comes with 10 feet cord along with cord wrap. Not only that, it features 6 feet long as well. That means you can get more flexibility than ever. Other than that, it comes with reusable cloth filter and foam sleeve.

Another great feature about the machine is its auto-shut off function. It turn off automatically to control the pressure. That means no over overflow at all. And its built in noise and air diffuse allows you to work silently.

That means overall, you are getting a complete package for your shop. The only problem I find out is its suction power in wet floor. That means it is not as powerful as it is in dry section. But other than that, it is really a good one. You can go for it with confidence.

Light weight
Easy to clean
Suction power
Small, compact and lightweight
Converted between a shop vac and blower
Auto shut-off function
Noise diffuser

Short hose
Relatively small tank

Check Current Price


3. HOTOR Corded Car Vacuum Cleaner High Power4.3


If you are looking for a fast and easy solution for cleaning then the HOTOR Corded Car Vacuum Cleaner High Power can be the option. It comes with all the features you need for your easy and fast cleaning. In addition to that, it comes with enough power and durability as well.

Unlike many other car vacuum cleaners, this one is small and easy to carry. As a result, you can easily carry it wherever you go, whenever you go. It can be a great option for your vacation or other trips as well.

It features a remarkable LED light. This is the feature that makes the cleaner compatible in both dark and light. It is great for car interior and it is user friendly as well. The HOTOR’s Stainless Steel HEPA filter is washable as well as durable. And the best part is that you can replace it for free for life.

When it comes to design, this one is mind blowing. It features detachable dustcup head which is really good for easy and quick trash dumping. You are always ready to clean all time with great ease.

And lastly, it comes with 3 different nozzles so that it can meet all the cleaning needs for your car. And for easy storage and carrying, it comes with a bag as well.

So overall, you are getting all the things you can expect from a car vacuum cleaner. The only problem I find out with this product is its lacking of high power. It is not that powerful at all. So you cannot expect supreme power from this one.

Good suction
Excellent service
Portable and easy to use
Accessories are great
perfect size for getting small areas

Does not have a bettery, it completely works on power
Cleaning small light stuff

Check Current Price


4. ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum


If you need a vacuum cleaner for your car with which you can clean your car like a pro then I am presenting you the ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum. It is one of the top rated and popular car vacuum cleaners you will find in the market right now.

It has those features that can help you clean your car like a pro and save your money and time at the same time. ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum comes with 106w powerful motor and strong metal turbine that create a great suction power and leave nothing at all.

With its 16ft long cord along with the elastic hose as well as nozzle set, you can reach maximum level. As a result, you get the maximum flexibility of cleaning. Along with its flexibility, it comes with ergonomic design. It comes with trash container and lid that shuts off when the trash can is full to prevent any kind of falling out of the trash can.

And the best part is that the trash can is fully transparent. That means you can easily see whether the trash can is full or not by your open eyes. And like the previous one, this one comes with 3 additional nozzle for additional safety and a carrying bag for easy carrying.

So overall, I can say that this one is really good for cleaning. Like other cleaner sin this list of best shop vacuum cleaner for cars, this one is suitable for routine cleaning with minimal debris and dirt. You should not expect high suction power from this despite this high powerful motor.

Portable Car Vacuum
Comes along with accessories
Comes along with carrying bag
Ergonomic design

Cannot be connected to the regular electrical outlet

Check Current Price


5. WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vac


And the last item of this list is the WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vac. It is another good cleaner for car cleaning. This is an ideal dry and wet cleaner. It is especially designed to clean automobile with full efficiency and effectiveness.

It is portable. That means you can take it wherever you go and whenever you go. It comes with a large handle that enables you to carry it easily. Also, it is lightweight so that you have no pain at carrying it. Easily carry it with your one hand and clean the car.

To make your suction clean, easy and fast, this shop vacuum comes with a built-in suction powered Dust Pan. This makes your cleaning super easy. The 1-7/8-inch Expandable Locking Hose can be stretched from 2′ to 7′ so that you can get an extended reach. Also, it helps you to conveniently stores on the small shop vacuum.

The Bleeder valve on the hose enables you to control the suction. And its tough copolymer drum prevents dents and crack. Also, it will not rust as well.

Overall, if you are looking for a powerful item then this one can be your item. The only problem with this one is its customer service. The customer service is not as good as expected. Other than that, this one has the capability to be the number one cleaner in the industry.

suction is amazing
9 gallon tank
very very lightweight

The cord is very short

Check Current Price


Final Say 

These are some factors that you should check before buying the best shop vacuum cleaner for cars. If you can consider these factors, then I hope you can get the best one for your job. Also, since we have reviewed some of the top rated cleaners in the market, it will be easy for you to choose the right one. Now the decision is yours. I hope you are a smart person and you will do your research to find the right one. Best of luck. Happy cleaning.

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