Best Wheel Spacers in 2019 | Buying Guide and Expert Reviews

best wheel spacers

Since you’ve found this article on best wheel spacers for car, we assume you’re having troubles replacing your car tires or looking to reinforce your tire performance or maybe you want to make your vehicle look sportier.

Whatever reason you have, we’ll try to help you figure out what spacers you actually need. We’ll discuss five of the best wheel spacers in the market. We’ll look into their key features, their purpose, and their pluses and minuses. In the end, we’ll include a brief buyer’s guide so that you can decide what suits you best.

ImageProduct BrandRatingCurrent Price
Best Wheel SpacersOrion Motor Tech4.3Check Here
best wheel spacersECCPP Wheel Spacers3.9Check Here
best wheel spacersGolden Sunny Aluminum4.3Check Here
best wheel spacersSpider trax5.0Check Here
best wheel spacersECCPP Adapters4.3Check Here


Why Using Best wheel spacers?        

Questions may arise “Why do I need to get wheel spacers anyway?”

There are people having troubles installing new rims on their cars, or they’re unable to outward their car wheels. And in most cases, they are suggested to take their vehicles to service stations.

But why hassle when there are wheel spacers out there!

With them, you don’t have to remove tires as it sits beneath the rim. They increase the distance between the wheel and hub assembly.

They help you mount larger tires on your vehicle. Moreover, wheel spacers make your vehicle look fancy and gorgeous.

They are installed between the vehicle’s hub and the wheel. Pushing the wheel away from its suspension, it prevents any rubbing. For a wider track and improved performance or make your vehicle look more aggressive, get wheel spacers.

So, let’s waste no more time. Here we present our Top 5 picks of best wheel spacers.


1. OrionMotorTech Jeep JK XK WJ WK Best Wheel Spacers:

best wheel spacers
This Jeep JK XK WJ WK wheel spacers of OrionMotorTech is compatible with a comprehensive number of vehicles. This wheel spacer fits the Jeep Wranglers as well as Grand Cherokees. These precisely T6 aluminum cut spacers fit tight and boost the wheel performance. By symmetrizing the wheels the spacers uplift their looks and your vehicle gets the sportier and more aggressive appearance.

The hub centered wheel spacer do precise work. You’ll feel the upgrade it makes in your vehicle’s movability. Especially while steering, the wheel spacers, and the wheel hub work simultaneously keeping no void in between.

Minimum of three years of warranty is offered by the manufacturers to sweeten the purchase you make. This highly-rated heavy duty spacer comes with the necessary accessories for installation.


Thickness: 1.5″

Bolt Pattern: 5X5 also known as 5X127

Thread Size: 1/2X20

Weight: 17.57 pounds

Manufacturer part number: OMT-1506-BT

Folding: No.

Key features:

Aerospace grade 6061-T6 Aluminum made.

4 in the set and all necessary parts for a perfect installation.

CNC Machined with 60-degree taper bulge seat lug nuts.

Heat treated studs are highly extensible and machine pressed.

Fits every 2007 model and newer models of Jeep Wrangler.

High-quality lug nuts.


Hub centric design gives you accurate steering.

All necessary accessories are provided for complete installation.

Fits perfect with precise details.

Three years of warranty.


Improperly tightened lugs can come out loose over time. So you need to be extra careful in installing them.

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2. ECCPP Wheel Spacer Adapters:

best wheel spacers
The ECCPP wheel spacer adapters fit a range of vehicles including Chevy, Cadillac, and GMC. The model is meant for vehicles of North America and comes with multiple colors and sizes.

The manufacturers kept bulky cars in mind while producing these spacers and that’s why the spacers have 2″ 6Lug 6×5.5 / 6×139.7 ensuring you have safer rides. They fit only 2000-2014 models so you must check before making any purchase. You can either purchase two or four pieces depending on your wheels.

The T6 aluminum made spacers are heavy-duty and don’t corrode. You can use brake oil over it and it still stays just fine. And they fit so easily, you don’t need to be an expert to install them on your wheel stud. We believe, with a proper screwdriver and your firm hands you can fix them into place without any trouble.

To ensure further convenience, the manufacturers have included all the necessary tools for installation. You yourself can hand fix your wheels as if you’re on a DIY project. Therefore, we suggest you to go buy these spacers instead of spending big on car mechanics.


Weight:   18.65 pounds

Dimensions:   7.6 x 6.8 x 10.6 inches

Exterior:   Metallic Finish

Folding:  No

Voltage:   12 volts

Manufacturer part number: 071001-5211-1412533

Key Features:

Super easy install.

Made from T 6 aluminum.

Highly stable spacers have durable construction style.

Purchase options for either 2-pieces or 4-pieces set.


High precision CNC machined.

Doesn’t rust or corrode.

Impressive performance and highly stable.

Strong and lightweight.

Good fitments.


No user manual.

Fragile studs are not suitable for heavy use.

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3. GoldenSunny Aluminum Universal Best Wheel Spacer:

Thickness Universal Wheel Spacers

If you want to get the best wheel spacer with the short budget you have, this GoldenSunny should be your choice. The effective spacers come with extreme simplicity. But they look sporty enough to make your vehicle’s appearance more aggressive.

The GoldenSunny wheel spacers are the alloy made and therefore corrosion proof. However, the spacers don’t match the durability of other costly spacers in the market. But they get the job done for you with the little money you spend.

Moreover, the thing that prompts you to purchase the spacers is the fact that it fits any PCD size of 98-120, and also a  wide range of lugs. Any four or five wheel lug of 5 millimeters also fits its bill.

Metal washers are recommended to use while you install these wheel spacers over the wheel hub. It helps you get a better grip to tighten the bolts.


Weight:   4 ounces.

Dimensions:   7 x 6 x 0.5 inches

Folding:  No

Thickness: 3mm

Manufacturer part number: WS-155-3mm

Center Hole Diameter: 78mm, Outer Diameter: 150mm

Key Features:

Alloy made.

Fit any 5 mm 4 or 5 wheel lug bolt pattern.

Fit PCD size of 98-120.


Cheaper price.

Easy usage, can offset your wheels within minutes.

Compatible with most of the vehicles if not all.

Doesn’t corrode over time.


Comparatively poor durability.

May crack if over tightened.

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4. Spidertrax Wheel Spacer Kit:

Spidertrax Wheel Spacer Kit

If simplicity is what you’ve been looking for, you may go for this Spidertrax wheel spacer kit. The T6 aluminum made wheel spacers have been built for Grand Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler, and vehicles alike. They are corrosion resistant and fairly durable. Moreover, they’ve been CNC machine cut for perfection.

How annoyed do you feel when your car wheel makes squeals or squeaks? Spidertrax ensures you have no worries with them anymore. It helps to boost your vehicle’s performance offsetting your wheels 1.5 inches away from the wheel hub.

With delicate design, it also eliminates the possibility of loud pressures on the bolts making sure the whole assembly last long enough.

This spacer may well be defined as a perfect fit for a variety of vehicles of 2007-2018 models. But before making your purchase, make sure you buy two boxes of them for each box contains two in them.


Weight: 8 pounds

Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 4 inches

Item model number: WHS010

Manufacturer Part Number: WHS010

OEM Part Number: WHS010

Folding:   No

Bolt Pattern (Pitch Circle Diameter): 127 mm

Key Features:

Compatible with a variety of Jeep models.

Construction design ensures strength and durability.

Constructed with specialized aircraft materials.

Comes with lug nuts and red Loctite.


The modular design assures long lasting wheel assembly.

Long lasting, durable and high-quality.

CNC machined cut for perfection.

A detailed instruction manual for worry-free installation.

Eliminates any chances of squeaking sounds.


Only a single size available.

The price might be a concern for some people.

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5. ECCPP 4PC 2″ 6×5.5 Best Wheel Spacer Adapters:

ECCPP Wheel Spacer Adapters
The ECCPP spacer adapters are quite new in the market but it won’t make you regret if you decide to purchase it. Its outstanding design and construction add spaces between your wheels and the hub to affirm your vehicle’s improved mobility. Its affordable price ushers it ahead of other fellow contenders. It fits every vehicle with 5.5 inches wheel hub like Cadillac, GMC or Silverado etc.

With its distinctive 6 hole design, it helps to distribute equal pressure on the wheel bolts. So it’s quite understandable how it makes the assembly last longer than other spacers with fewer holes can. This high-tech aluminum alloy made spacer is also corrosion resistant, vibration resistant and it astonishingly resists high levels of torques as well. Just make sure it matches the center dimension of your vehicle and it’ll prove its reliability itself.

Moreover, this spacer is capable of offsetting your wheels by two inches to the least. Meaning 1.5 inches more than standard. Classy finishing in the design lets you install larger wheels to make your vehicle appear sportier.

Nobody wants hassles with their car wheels and neither do these ECCPP spacers. With delicately simple design, the installation is super easy even if you don’t have any mechanical expertise. Additionally, quality aircraft materials add up to overall durability and safety.


Weight: 18.85 pounds

Dimensions: 7.6 x 6.8 x 10.6 inches

Thread Size: 14×1.5mm

Wheel Bolt Pattern: 6×5.5 inch / 6×139.7 mm

Manufacturer part number: 071001-5211-1412533

Folding: No

Key Features:

Fits a variety of Jeep models.

High-tech aircraft alloy made.

6-hole design.

The package includes all necessary installation tools.


Less expensive compared to others.

Offsets wheels by 1.5 inches more than industry standard.

Fits a wide range of vehicles.

6-hole design ascertains efficiency and durability.


Lug bolts may damage if tightened hard.

No instruction manual provided.

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Things To Consider Before Buying Best Wheel Spacers For Your Vehicle:

It’s important to understand a few things before you purchase wheel spacers. The one that suits someone may not suit you. Size, thickness, lug bolts, fitments are a few things you must consider before buying spacers. For your ease, we’ll briefly discuss them below so that you can figure out the perfect wheel spacers that match your necessity.


The size of your spacers should be your foremost concern before buying them. The thickness may vary so you need to choose them carefully. Measuring the tire and wheel and guessing space between could be some people’s idea but it’s not a great idea since the wrong calculation will cost you big.

So, we’ll suggest you a pragmatic way which involves hardware-story washers. There are various sizes of them. Make sure you pick the flat metal ones and not split or plastic washers.

The inner diameter of the washers should be large enough keeping in mind it’ll pass over the studs and lugs of your car. They’ll imitate the wheel spacers for a time being. Using multiple washers is suggested.

Place washers on wheel studs and check whether the wheel fits. You can use a caliper clearance to adjust washers every time. When you learn the required size, choosing the perfect size to become easier.

Avoid thin spacers. Also, avoid spacers that are too thick. They damage your wheels and tires and risk injuries.

Best Wheel Spacers Hub centric/Lug centric:

Hub centric wheel allows no gap between central wheel lug and the wheel hub meaning the hub supports the maximal pressure of the wheel.

The scenario is the exact opposite in a lug centric wheel where a tiny gap is seen between the wheel lug and the wheel hub.

Simply by looking at the wheel hub, you can differentiate both kinds. Slight gap denotes lug centric and no gap denotes hub centric wheels.


Wheel spacers need to be tough and durable since they endure a huge amount of force imposed on them. So it’d be a good decision to go with the most trusted brand in the market.


Not every type of wheel spacers fit all types of vehicles. So don’t frustrate yourself buying the unfit spacers. Check and double check the manufacturers’ description and learn if it fits your wheel.

Ease of installation:

Installing wheel spacers requires no special mechanical skill and neither you’ll want it to. It’s a DIY project and should be easier to do. Manufacturers include installation guides with their product where you can check how convenient it is to install.

Bolts or Nuts:

The spacers come with either bolts or nuts. You should pick the package according to your preference. It’s no big a deal.

Appearance: Best Wheel Spacers

Look does matter, doesn’t it? You ought to consider how your vehicle should appear on highways and it’s normal. You may want it to look classic. Some others may prefer the masculine and aggressive look. Depending on the rims and tires of your car, go pick your wheel spacer and give it your desired stunishing look.

Final Word: Best Wheel Spacers

Considering the numerous benefits of installing wheel spacers, it’s fair to suggest anybody install them on their vehicles.

Perfect spacers give you damage freewheels and rims while running them smoothly on the streets. They also secure the key components from getting fractions with the hubs.

So, consider the options and go get the best wheel spacers from the list we’ve covered above. They are the most popular among others and there should be the one you’re looking for.

Best Wheel Spacers for Car | Expert Reviews
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