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Hey everyone! I’m  M R Zubery and I’ve been working as an auto mechanic for over a decade. So, I am write about auto parts for different brands. Highlight the good and bad aspects of different brands in my articles. Also, I write about how to install auto parts and how to use them. I always try to benefit the reader. Read my article and stay tuned. Thank you.

Penetrating Oil vs Wd40 | Use Penetrating Oil? | WD-40 Remove Rust?

The penetrating oil and the WD-40 component are all applied for the same purpose. Different people use the same lubricants for various purposes, but there are some differences between them. Many people may have no idea about the differences between them, but everyone needs to know the difference. This is because the importance of lubricating […]

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What are the Different Types of Ignition Coils?

These ignition coils became very popular with car owners and drivers in the early 1900s. Since vehicle ignition coils are an integral part of every automobile engine, it was essential for any vehicle. However, many people have different questions about this essential part of the vehicle. So, here we will highlight the important features of […]

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What Paint to Use On Alloy Wheels?

Over time, alloy wheels become dirty, pinned, and scratched. So there is a need to paint those essential parts of the wheel. No matter how old your car is, if its wheelset is excellent, that car doesn’t look old. You can decorate the wheels of the car through a makeover to make your personality attractive […]

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What Causes Ignition Coils to Keep Going Bad?

Ignition refers to the process of combustion of a petrol engine. To put it more clearly, the fuel system and the ignition system of a diesel engine are almost identical. In the case of petrol engines, you need some additional devices to cause combustion. Its fuel system must ensure combustion by inserting the carburetor air […]

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Best ATV Speakers Review & Buying Guide

Best ATV Speakers

If you want to enjoy your road trip with thrill music can be the best companion. Good music can give you a thrill that increases road activity. The full trip may enjoyable when playing favorite songs and make it great sense. Excellent speakers like ATV speakers can change your full road trip with music experience. […]

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The Best Blind Spot Mirrors in 2023

Best Blind Spot Mirrors

Blind spot mirrors are referred to as side mirrors. For any driver, whether skilled or a beginner, a side mirror is essential since they help in avoiding accidents. Poor utilization of the side mirror can cause many accidents. Remember, when parking a vehicle, you need to check how the parking garage uses the side mirror. […]

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Best HID Conversion Kits Review & Buying Guide

Best HID Conversion Kits

When it comes to upgrading your headlights, HID headlights are at the top of their class. Many cars may have automatic lights, but even then, you still need to know how to turn on everything else, including the Brights. You can upgrade the lights on your car with high performance and aesthetically superior headlights. Every […]

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Best Car Wash Brushes Review & Buying Guide

Maintain your car looking fresh and clean with the best car wash brushes. Cleaning your car is essential, especially during winter, because it prevents grime and grit from eroding your car. Washing your car at home is easier and affordable, but you need a high-quality cleaning brush. There are many car cleaning brushes available, but […]

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How to Clean A Catalytic Converter?

The importance of a catalytic converter in a car is immense because the tool provides high efficiency to your car’s engine. This tool protects the environment from harmful gases emitted from your car. Since this tool is a very important part of the car, you should know about it. It will be able to use […]

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Top 6 Best Ball Joints For Jeep JK

At first, ball joints were invented as alternatives. At the time, these ball bearings were only used in jeeps for temporary suspension design. The ball is thought to have been made by Italian engineers for Fiat more than 40 years ago. This will give your car wheels the ability to rotate around the axis. After […]

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