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What is a Serpentine Belt?

serpentine belt

Serpentine Belt is a very important part of part or accessories of a car.  It is one accessory, that will affect the performance of several functionality of a vehicle, once it breaks out.  It is essential the proper maintenance is done to make sure that your serpentine belt is in top condition. Serpentine belt resembles […]

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How to Install a Convertible Car Seat Properly?

best convertible car seats

Talking about how to Install a Convertible car seat? Convertible car seat installation is one of the safety measures that you need to be keen on to ensure that your child is safe and secure. A convertible car seat which is not properly installed can lead to bad accidents. To avoid such mistakes, it is […]

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How to Use Gasket Sealer?

Gasket Sealer

Talking about how to use gasket sealer is being discussed.  With the different composition of seals available on the market today.  It is important that you use the right sealant to ensure that the seals are effectively sealed and will not affect the life of the seals. In many cases, using the right sealant extends […]

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